West Side ✌️

West Side ✌️

Featuring Lee's Confectionery, Yuhua Market & Hawker Centre, The Signature Patisserie, Le Shrimp Ramen 乐虾拉面家 (The Star Vista), Xing Xian Teochew Cuisine, Springleaf Prata Place (JCube), Yaowarat Thai Kway Chap (Holland Village), Zaffron Kitchen (Westgate), Joyful Paradise, Blanco Court Beef Noodles (Westgate)
Ella Choi
Ella Choi

I’m huge fan of blanco court beef noodles but the QC for the soup was really not there, compared to the ones I’ve tried in Wisma and Aperia. Not sure if it’s to do with the fact that this is the first time I bought beef noodles before noon, hence the soup may not be as flavourful? It was still an okay bowl but I wouldn’t pay $8 for it

Being new to Thai kway chap, i was honestly confused about the taste because it tastes a lot like kway Teow in Bak Kut Teh (the peppery kind). The side dishes were little pricey, so I’ll still opt for the chilli pan mee.

My family’s go-to place for the weekend because…$14 for a whole soya sauce chicken! And it tastes pretty good 🙃 seems like the hype died down over covid because we went at 4pm on sat to buy and there’s still stock

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Really affordable Chinese food! + additional discount if you use chope voucher. My favourites: skewers, Chong Qing grilled fish, dumplings. Don’t forget to try their specialty deep fried taro!

Pride of Jurong! Excellent coffee and desserts. We tried the chocolate tart and it was extremely rich and quality chocolate. A great place to sit back and chill with friends!


Knew of this place through burpple and it didn’t disappoint! Steamed fish was tender and savoury, and the braised meat tasted great with the chilli. Usually I find Teochew food too bland but this shop did it really well.

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I don’t usually order murthabak (more of a prata person) but this was really delicious! A nice blend of meat, mozzarella cheese and mushrooms. Portion was huge and can be shared among 2 people

Love the highly peppery soup here. Definitely beats the song fa, old street and all that.

Comes in a huge portion with really gao and delicious soup. Yums

If you’re looking to enjoy quality Indian food in a nice setting, Zaffron kitchen is quite the place for it. Some things on the menu are quite pricey, but you could still get a decent briyani for $15-20. Tandoori chicken was surprisingly soft and tender, and I love the mint sauces next to it.

If you’re a Westie looking to spice up your day, joyful palace @ Clementi is THE place to be! Why I love this place:

- Opens till late
- Cheap(er) than others. My bowl was $8.50, usually I spend ~$10-$13
- Allows you to order in-between spice levels, eg 中大辣
- Flavourful with lots of chilli and spices
- Just next to Clementi MRT!

I’m a huge fan of their muffins! Love the chocolate based muffins that have a hard exterior and warm and gooey centre. Great place with friendly staff and owner!

I add chilli to most things 🌶🌶🌶

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