Underwater Protein

Underwater Protein

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Jaslyn Li
Jaslyn Li

Calamari is fresh, firm & chewy; thinly battered, deep-fry to crisp, not greasy; lemon aids in reducing the greasiness; dipping sauce is thick & complement the dish well..

Chunks of fresh & firm lobster meat with a crunch bite; bread roll is buttery & slightly crispy, however quite dry & slightly tough for my liking; generous portion of crispy fries that is not greasy; love the addition of lemon that add citrus taste to it..

Signature seafood feast includes: 1 crab, prawns, flower clams, corn & chicken sausage; seafood are fresh & firm; opted for the signature cajun sauce with normal spicy level, flavorful, not spicy with right amount of wetness & sufficient to cover every single item with excess to dip the fries..

Dry version seafood feast includes: 1 crab, 1 soft-shell crab, prawn, fresh fish fillet; all seafood are coated with a thin layer of batter & deep-fried, then tossed in dried scallops hae bi hiam, garlic & popcorn; the seafood are fresh & firm, not greasy, especially the fish fillet which is soft & succulent; request for a spoon to scoop the the hae bi hiam which is crispy, slightly salty, mild spicy & addictive especially the popcorn; unique dish worth a try..

Unagi is surprisingly very soft & tender with slight smoky taste, unlike the usual pre-packed version; sauce is not salty & not overpowering the unagi taste; with a layer of onion slices at the bottom to prevent the unagi skin from being burnt..

Generous portion of fresh octopus; firm & chewy but surprisingly soft to bite; sauce is thick but not spicy, enough to coat every single piece of octopus; with leek, onions & crunchy cabbage; probably 1 of the better octopus dish I've tried locally..

Salmon fillet is thin & overcooked as meat is slightly dry, skin is very crispy; with generous portion of sesame seeds sprinkled on top that add some crunch but not elevating taste; with sesame sauce at the side which complement the salmon well; with roasted pumpkin, grilled zucchini & eggplant at the side, which are soft & juicy; overall taste normal & nothing special..

Salmon fillet pan-fried to perfection, meat is cooked yet not dry or tough; skin is coated with salt and grilled to crisp; on a bed of roughly mashed potatoes, blanched baby corn & broccoli; cream sauce is thin & not overly creamy, lightly seasoned with herb; taste quite normal..

Generous portion of fish slices & chinese sauerkraut; fish slices are big, thick, fresh & tender; the chinese sauerkraut is crunchy yet not overly sour, taste indeed better than the fish; the broth is very flavorful, appetizing & addictive; mild spicy, sour & numbing taste; would prefer it to be more spicy & sour; nonetheless1 of the best sauerkraut fish I've eaten so far..

Opted for seabass fillet; thick & big fish slices are fresh & no fishy taste; broth is flavorful, not sour or spicy, but quite salty..

Salmon fillet is big & thick, well cooked to soft at centre, skin is lightly crisp; rice is well-cooked to soft, not mushy, buttery & garlicky taste; sambal is not spicy, mildly sweet; lemon add sour & citrusy taste to it; complement the fish & rice well; with greens at the side..

Fish is fresh, no fishy taste; cream based assam curry is flavorful and well-balanced taste; with asparagus and fine french bean inside; came with a bowl of brown rice to eat with the creamy curry sauce..

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are my favorite times of day.. I’m a Food fan..

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