North East 👆

North East 👆

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Ella Choi
Ella Choi

One of those cafes that after trying their food & drinks, I really have a strong urge to try everything on this menu! Their cakes were surprisingly good and the coffee didn’t disappoint. The owner was a cheerful young man who makes a point to care for his customers. Such a rare experience for SG cafes, would love to be back!

PSA: parking with slightly confusing. You have to map via the entrance at Teck ghee market and weave through the huge carpark to the side that’s nearer the cafe!

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This was so unexpectedly good! The mala soup was rich and thick, and I especially loved the 麻/numbing taste of the soup.

Also the size of the bowl to pick ingredients was so huge it threw me off and I over ordered 🥲

I was glad to come and try out boon cafe at ITE! The dishes and drinks here are kept affordable for students. Curry was more towards the thick, heavy with spices side, so I preferred to breaded chicken/fish option.

Their famous garlic bread sells out really quickly (sold out by 1pm+) so be sure to get it on start!

Followed my heart (and the reviews) to skip the traditional claypot rice and try the sanlou mifen instead. It didn’t disappoint! I liked the slightly char taste of the bee hoon and how it was flavourful, but wasn’t too salty

The past 2 times I came here, the queue was sooo long so I was really glad when the crowd cleared (I came at night)! Rosti was really good - loved how the flavours of the sour cream, fried egg, sausage and potatoes came in really nicely!

A large plate of baimifen 😍 Love that they are so generous with the ingredients and the seafood is fresh.

Discounts available for both dine in (with minimum spend) and takeaway because of the dining restrictions!

This place usually sees long queues but thanks to dining restrictions, we managed to get a seat without queuing! Ambience was 💯 and food was great.

Hope to be back to try the pastas!

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If you’re the type that likes wet Hokkien mee, this might be the plate for you! Taste was not too salty and I loved how the seafood zhap, chilli and lime all blended nicely together. Slurped my plate down in less than 5 mins! I’ll definitely order a bigger portion next time

Lovely ambience and some quality food! My favourite was the kimchi fried rice (not on burpple 1-1) which had a rich kimchi flavour and wonderful melted cheese that went along with it. I enjoyed the al dente pastas, especially the chilli crab pasta

Will be back again to use my remaining deals!

Visited this place a few times and the standard of their mee pok has been consistently good. Al dente and not mushy. Rating it as my top 3 fishball noodles 🥈

Honestly didn’t think much of this place until I stumbled upon the reviews at burpple and decided to give it a go. The curry puff is truly one of a kind - the pastry wasn’t too thick, the ingredients were generous and the curry had a wonderful, spicy kick to it 🌶

I’m calling it - the best curry puff I’ve tasted!

Edit: the larger curry puff is a lot more tasty and spicy than the mini one!

A really satisfying rack of lamb! Because of the high fat percentage, go for it if you’re a quality over quantity kind of person. The pesto sauce that went along with it was really flavourful and delicious too.

We also ordered fish and chips and the beef burger which tasted great!

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I add chilli to most things 🌶🌶🌶

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