Chinese Foooood

Chinese Foooood

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Wei Ping Ang
Wei Ping Ang

I'm a fan of kailan and this one here had was nicely cooked & crunchy, with slight garlic flavours.

Pork belly was defo well-marinated. Paired well with the chilli, and a pretty good side dish worth a try! Some pieces are q fatty tho so depends on personal preference!

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Quite creamy and a thick paste covering the chicken, although wouldn't mind for even stronger salted egg flavour.

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I loved pairing this with the chilli! It was slightly crispy on the outside, and the Beancurd itself had a nice texture and flavour.

Grouper 红石斑 - this was cooked with charcoal, which indeed gave the soup a super smokey Charcoal flavour I loved it! The fish were also fresh in big chunks and I liked the addition of yam here!! Only qualm is it gets a little too salty afterwards.

San Se Mian (Tri-coloured noodles) ($3.80)
This was really pretty, but there's not much difference to the noodles flavour other than the colour.

Ling Ling Juan (Fried Beancurd Skin) ($9)
Can't have hotpot without this crowd favourite! Soaks up the soup so it's really flavourful when you have it!

Other dishes we ordered:
USDA Choice Beef Shortplate ($22)
USDA Choice Beef Chuck Roll ($24)
Shirobuta pork belly ($24)

Their meat portion looks huge but it's actly not really huge because there's a large lettuce/cabbage beneath all that meat.

Golden Crispy Pork ($14)
Flavourwise decent but felt a bit airier and less meaty. Portion also pretty small for the price you're paying. Kinda preferred the one from XLK.

Appetiser spread ($4.50 per pax)
You get free flow appetisers, rice + braised pork sauce to make your 🌟 Lu Rou Fan (which was surprisingly not bad I wouldn't mind having >1 bowl to myself), as well as their sauces, condiments, and fruits!

[Cou Cou Hotpot Brew Tea]
How's the idea of having bubble tea with Hotpot, and having free flow luroufan, rice, and sauces/ condiments?! @coucouhotpotsg have them all in one place, for you to enjoy in a hotpot sess!

Coconut chicken soup ($24)
This really intrigued me from the first time I heard about it, and you do taste a hint of coconut with chicken, but not weird tbh. A decent broth overall.

Taiwanese style spicy soup ($24)
This is like mala, but spice was very tolerable. It's just slightly spicy, and doesn't get overwhelmingly spicy even when you cook till the end of the meal unlike some.

Indeed crispy, and not bad as a side but nothing amazing.

The food overall surpassed expectations, but the experience was quite no-go for us. Ventilation was extremely bad and the mala spices were triggering all of our noses - couldn't stop sneezing/ sniffing throughout the entire meal, which kinda ruined a would-have-been-perfect meal.

There's 10% off @chopesg voucher you can purchase to make it more worth it!

Overall Rating: 8.5/10 (solely for food and service, and if not for the extremely bad ventilation)

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Surprisingly not bad - different from those wokhei laden fried rice from tzechar stalls, but still quite comforting, and decently flavoured.

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