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Sophia Zhong
Sophia Zhong

This is a very homely eatery and may not boast much with their decor, but their food speak for them!

This was pretty good, tender beef. Pretty heavy handed with the chilli.

We ordered the beef pho (chicken was sold out on Sunday around 1pm), bittergourd egg the banh cuon too!

Beef pho was good. Good soup base, and tender beef too!

Bittergourd egg wasn't that bitter, which meant that it was cleaned well. It also didnt come swimming in sauce so not salty at all, yay!

Banh cuon was something a little different from the usual. There was mince pork wrapped in the filling, accompanied by chicken luncheon meat on the side and topped with crispy fried onions. There was a generous amount of veg by the side and a small bowl of dipping sauce. Worth a try!

Given the weekend lunch crowd, staff were busy but very courteous and accommodating. My mum had paid up first and forgot to tell the other wait staff that she wanted to use BB. I only remembered when

So. Good!

Burger buns were nicely toasted. I'm not vego but this was so good! Such a good doppleganger for a regular meat based burger. Very juicy with double patties.

We ordered Onion rings to share too - a must order! Delightfully crispy and thick cut.

Drink only comes with Coke and cannot be switched out. There were a couple of spots that had large umbrellas to shelter you from the heat.

Would go back 💯

Burger was decent, above average. Patty had abit of filler ingredients. Crispy bacon.
Do note: with BB, deal was main + drink.
Juices are $12 - learnt that the hard way!

Outdoor seating was well ventilated.

When I paid and checked the bill, I had only checked the items we ordered. After paying, upon closer examination of the receipt, we realised the drink was $12 and that's a tad pricey for cranberry/orange juice.. Went back in to enquire. The male service crew was very helpful. He asked the female waitress next to him - who had waited on us - if she knew what was up with that. She brusquely replied, 'ya I told them what!!' Prior to that moment, she had been so lovely and courteous. Her brusque reply within earshot of the customer was unnecessary.
Granted, they may have been swamped cuz of their ongoing 1 for 1 chicken and waffles deal (till 10/11/21!). Perhaps yes, you did tell us. Despite so, that eyeroll and telling us off was certainly uncalled for.

Btw - chix and waffles deal was very popular! Most diners took advantage of that. Do arrive early. We were there around 11.45am on a Saturday and tables were filling up steadily.

Ordered the trio which consists of braised pork rice, chicken rice and oyster intestine meesua! The set also came with a drink.
Loved every single dish! Braised pork rice was very flavourful with each bite and the short grain rice that was used was soaked in the glorious gravy!
Chicken rice was very fragrant and although chicken breast was used, the chicken oil gravy kept the chicken very juicy and succulent.
The oyster intensities meesua was definitely the best I’ve ever eaten (Prbly even better than taiwan ah zong mee sua). Loved that the gravy wasn’t compensated with lots of starch and the meesua was not soggy at all unlike some places. The intestine and oyster was very fresh and not gamey at all.
The interior of the restaurant reminded me of taiwan and loved the tables and decor.
Will definitely return x1000000000!

Pet friendly (outdoors) and chill place. Acai bowls were very filling and generous. Changed the drink to a chamomile lavender latte and a rose and earl grey latte - so fragrant and the cups were really cool!

Would come back 💯 Wasn't the least bit crowded on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Laksa Barramundi - laksa broth (?) was very concentrated and quite salty. Asked for hot water to dilute it.. There were quail eggs in it, cuuute.

Steak frites (oops bad photo, had started eating!) Steak was cooked to the right doneness.

Service was fast and friendly 🙂 Nothing to shout about, pretty basic and food came out quite quickly.

Butter chix
Palak paneer
Aloo gobi
Garlic naan (not pictured) - thin and fluffy, not oily.
Biryani rice

This was such a satisfying dinner! Palak paneer is in a league of its own - not jelat at all. A definite must order. Love how much spinach they used!
Aloo gobi was packed with heaps of flavour with roasted cauli and potatoes.

Will return even without BB - I can't have palak paneer anywhere else now 💯

Love the tofu cakes as they’re super light and fluffy!
All the other cakes were super yummy as well too! The lemon tart had the right amount of sourness and the tart base was smooth and buttery!
Highly highly recommend.
Pretty affordable too!


This place serves up legit Taiwanese breakfast which immediately transported me back to Taiwan’s 早餐店.
• 紅茶拿鐵 red tea latte (hot 0% was perfect! came with the milk foam and the aroma of the fragrant tea leaves penetrated through)
• 蘿蔔糕 carrot cake (not oily and prefer the sg version as this was pretty flat imo , but their in house chilli really complemented well with it)
• 肉鬆蛋餅 pork floss egg crepe (💯 enuff said; thin egg crepe with a generous amount of pork floss)
• 蔥油餅 scallion pancake (super flaky and crispy, accompanied by the garlic soy sauce which was slathered in between that was super delectable)
Will definitely return to try out the other items on the menu!
Be sure to come early or expect a queue! Arrived at 10am on a Friday and had to queue for a short while.

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Cool cafe with a lovely ambience to chill. Smooth iced coffee was a respite on a hot day.

Danish was pretty ok. Nice with the coffee.

Come for the insta vibes!

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Risotto was to die for. So creamy and smooth with bites of mushroom in every mouthful.

Steak was cooked to a perfect medium rare. Sweet potato fries were addictive!

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Underwhelming. Egg was mostly set, just a slight bit runny yolk. Chicken, although juicy throughout and had a lovely crispy skin, tasted pretty flat. It kind of reminded me of a more expensive KFC. Waffle was not fluffy and I sure wished it was..! The batter had a hint of maple syrup to it.

Come for the ambience, but (for me at least!), food is so-so.

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