Hei Mee

Hei Mee

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Gerald Chai
Gerald Chai

Hong heng is a famous Fried Hokkien Mee store here at Tiong Bahru. It is almost listed in multiple Michelin guides, and also featured very heavily in articles and YouTube videos.

Surprisingly, this is my first time eating Hong Heng. Despite me waiting for the store to open at 4.30pm, I was not fast enough to be the first 3 customers.

There's a hint of wok hei with the noodles, the prawn and sotong tasted fresh and was cooked just right, with it being soft and easy to chew.

The sambal chilli was not so spicy.

Hong Heng is the first stall u see when u come up the escalator.

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Saw a long queue the previous time I was at GMFC, this time round, queue wasn't so long, thus decided to give it a try.

Had the $5 portion.

The sambal-like chilli sauce was quite spicy, almost explosive.

Pork ribs were soft and tender

Prawns were crunchy.

Overall quite solid, it is worth the long queue in my opinion.

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The prawn soup here definitely very very good.

Prawn definitely fresh. Just 3 jumbo prawns in the bowl of noodles. Sad that the prawns have no roe in it like other jumbo prawns i had at other places.

Shallots tasted good.

Portion of noodles quite small.

Prawn Soup definitely the best I ever had.

No queue on a weekend lunch time.

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Fried mee sua starting at $7

Yong huat used to be an old stablishment along east coast road since 1949. Gone are the original family that ran this establishment previously. Recipe was sold to the current owners back in 2020.

As this was my first time here, couldn't compare with how it once was.

The first impression I had, that it doesn't look very fantastic. Smell and taste of wok hei definitely there.

Overall, still quite a good plate of fried mee sua. Will I eat this if I was passing by in future? Maybe.

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The long queue during Sunday lunch time really surprise me, I thought due to the ulu-ness of this place, the crowd won't be so long.

It was about a 40mins wait to be a seat.

1. The prawn broth is the star, so flavourful without even applying the chilli powder.

2. Prawns are fresh- without doubt

3. Tobiko balls were soft

4. The chilli for the noodles were slightly not spicy enough for me.

Overall, more than satisfied with the taste, my only negative is that I still hungry after this meal.

Total 3 tobiko balls and 2 small prawns. For $8.

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This place is heavily reviewed on social media and have videos on YouTube. So really have to try and taste what the fuss is.

As I was lazy to peel prawns today, decided to go with the special prawn noodles instead. Take note that their speciality is the dry version.

+$2 for additional prawns and pork belly.

Prawns were great and the teriyaki pork belly was soft and tender. The chilli also nice. The soup also very flavourful.

Can tell why so many good reviews for this place.

Portion of noodles was quite adequate, felt quite full after.

They no longer sell side dishes already. No fish skin, no fried prawn balls.

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So many good reviews on this place, thus decided to try it.

Was expecting a long wait and queue, but was surprisingly able to get my plate within 15mins on a Sunday morning.

This was certainly a great plate of hokkien mee, but my expectation was much more higher, after reading and watching so many fantastic reviews.

Still a great plate thou, sambal chilli was quite good, noodles was quite silky.

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Had the $6 portion.

Very long queue during dinner time.

Very friendly auntie collecting orders.

Not a bad plate of hokkien mee, chilli was somewhat sweet.

Theres no need use chopsticks to eat, spoon can scoop everything up to eat.

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A hidden gem. Their prawn noodle really can eat.

This is a $4.50 portion with additional $2 add on prawns.

Prawns tasted fresh, pork meat is soft and tender and slides off the bone.

Got fish cake, got lean meat, got fried pork lard. Plenty of liao.

And the chilli just goes so well with my kway teow bee hoon

They use a flat yellow noodle, like those in lor mee.

A cheap plate of hokkien mee.

Not a fan of their sambal, a little too sweet for my liking.

Overall quite a decent eat.

It's been here for a long Time, and always have a queue

Taste just as good as the original store at kovan, without the crowd and long waiting time.

Pork lard can put as much as u want.

2 different type of chilli provided. Both were equally good.

Got wok hei.

With 3 big prawns @ $19.80

The beehoon had a hint of wok hei.

Prawns were fresh.

The chilli dipping sauce was damn good.

Overall I really like this and the staff was friendly as well.

Not very crowded on a Friday evening, so no need worry no space to sit.

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Taste the food. Don’t just swallow them

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