All Things Cake 🍰

All Things Cake 🍰

Featuring Miam Miam (Bugis Junction), Altro Zafferano, LeVeL 33, Shop Wonderland, Isetan Supermarket (Isetan Scotts), Magnum Pleasure Store, Joie Restaurant (Orchard Central), Châteraisé (Westgate), Artea (VivoCity), Paris Baguette (Bugis Junction)
Triffany Lim
Triffany Lim

54.5% chocolate mousse, banana compote, passion cremeux, vanilla sponge, sable base

Burnt cheesecake that is not really charred but velvety smooth and creamy on the inside, served with berry compote by the side.

Ala Carte 》$10
This dish is part of the Signature Set Menu for 4 》$125
(Choice of 5 Tapas, 1 Paella, 2 Desserts)

Kiroi serves the fluffiest and creamiest Japanese cheesecake in a range of flavours such as original, rainbow, raisin, pandan and original with chocolate rice topping. Their cheesecake comes with a nice golden brown on top with a moist and pillow-soft texture inside.

The raisin cheesecake is light in cheese flavour with a velvety smooth mouthfeel. According to the seller, refrigerating it actually results in a different texture. Have it warm if you prefer it to be fluffy or refrigerate it for a creamier texture. I personally liked it chilled for its smooth and creamy bite.

As their cheesecake is freshly baked to order, they do not cater to walk-in customers. Do pre-order in advance if you wish to get your hands on these jiggly soft Japanese cheesecakes 》$10 + $2 Birthday Candle

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This tiramisu is filled with creamy sweetness, a slight touch of bitterness and a cool cocoa finish. The flavourful mousse also prevents this cake from being too dry 》$12

Although simple, it was so nice of them to decorate for some birthday vibes 😊

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Thankful for the birthday meal along with the Masterchef experience at Makan@JEN 😍

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A light and tasty treat with toasted coconut chiffon layered with house-made cooked yam paste and chunky yam cubes, covered in coconut vanilla bean whipped ganache 》$7

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Vanilla sponge layered with velvety yam ginkgo paste and yam cubes, topped with coconut Chantilly cream, white chocolate pearls and desiccated coconut 》$8/slice

This orh nee cake comes with a nice natural yammy fragrance and flavour. The cake is very smooth, light and well balanced in texture without being overly sweet. The dollops of coconut chantilly cream are so light and airy that I don't feel sinful at all. I can see why everyone is going there for their cake fix.


Fresh cream. strawberry (with strawberry sauce), vanilla sponge 》$5.80

Hokkaido Cantaloupe is known for its brilliant orange colour and rich aroma. They are also deliciously rich and juicy.

A dense, moist “three kinds of milk” chocolate sponge cake made with a combination of cream, condensed milk and evaporated milk, topped with whipped cream, candied pistachio and berries compote.

The result of using three kinds of milk is supposed to give a moist and rich cake but I’m not very sure how a good Tres Leches cake should taste. The texture on this one here feels like a combined kueh and cake texture - firm yet a little mushy.

\\ Part of Burpple Beyond Set Menu for 2 at $58++ (ALC $12)

Thanks Burpple for the invite and Tonito for hosting 🙂

Special thanks to the staff at Perch for preparing this surprise complimentary rich and fudgy chocolate slice of birthday cake that came after our dessert were served 🥰

This fragrant and moist orange cake is not only visually beautiful. It is also fluffy, rich and bursting with zesty orange flavour that comes with a nice yellow hue and pleasant texture soaked in orange citrus syrup, topped with almonds and sea salt vanilla ice cream at the side (U.P. $13)

Thanks to Burrple Beyond, we get to enjoy 3-Course Set for 2 Pax at just $78++ ✌️

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Lychee, apricot and cranberry bits, topped with white chocolate flowers and a dash of dried rose petals 》$6.50

I am surprised that the flavours blend harmoniously together and the cheese did not overpower. This instead has a light hint of lychee and rose with some fruity flavours from the dried apricot and cranberry bits.

I'm in a relationship with food. Why can't we just declare our never ending love and vows towards some food item? I'm sure that would not result in divorces.

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