Sushi 寿司 🍣

Sushi 寿司 🍣

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Triffany Lim
Triffany Lim

Similar to the Maki-San concept, we get to customise our very own sushi bowl with a choice of base (green mix / warm sweet potato noodles, furikake white rice / mixed warm brown rice), accompanied by a choice of 1 main, 1 sauce, 2 toppings and 3 fillers.

My order goes like this
Base - Mixed Warm Brown Rice
Main - Teriyaki Chicken (?)
Sauce - Yoozoo Sesame Sauce
Toppings - Fish Flakes, Bonito Furikake
Fillers - Kani Sticks, Roasted 'shrooms (+$0.50), Ebiko

I actually ordered warm sweet potato noodles as my base but they gave me mixed warm brown rice instead 😦 The teriyaki chicken didn't taste like teriyaki and I'm unsure if they threw in the cajun chicken breast as these were the only two types of chicken shown on the checklist. Sauce with yuzu sesame was a good choice with a myriad of flavours and the roasted shrooms were something that turned out unexpectedly better as compared to the rest of the items in the bowl 》$7.90 + $0.50 Roasted 'shrooms

Similar to the Maki-San concept, we get to customise our very own sushi rolls with a choice of white/mixed brown rice served in nori wrap as a base, accompanied with a choice of 1 main, 1 sauce, 2 toppings and 3 fillers.

My order goes like this
Base - Mixed brown rice
Main - Salmon sashimi (+$2.50)
Sauce - Spicy Mayo
Toppings - Tempura Crunch, Nori Chicken Floss
Fillers - Sliced Avocado, Tamago, Ebiko

Perhaps I was expecting it to be similar to Maki-San since Wooshi was from the same founder but the whole roll that I ordered lacks flavour. Unlike sushi rice which usually comes with vinegar and a sticky texture, the brown rice was merely loose plain brown rice that couldn't hold well. The amount of sauce given was too little for us to even savour it and the only flavours I can taste was some saltiness from the chicken floss and sweetness from tamago and ebiko 》$7.90 + $2.50 Salmon Sashimi

A wordplay of 寿司家, Sushi Plus is a contemporary sushi dining concept from Sushi Express. You still get to enjoy economical prices starting from $1.50++ with the addition of premium items that cannot be found at Sushi Express outlets. Ordering was fuss-free with our mobile phone using the QR code that was given to us. Orders will then arrive swiftly on a sushi train, similar to Genki Sushi and Sushiro concept.

I felt that their quality is better than Sushi Express outlets with very economical prices. Of course, you have to be realistic and not expect high quality tasting sushi at such a price. The thick-cut salmon was really thick, fresh and firm which made us order more after having one. The garlic butter scallop was interesting and they have really cheap and good teriyaki scallop skewers. If you love clams, go for their miso soup with clams that come with a generous portion of clams swimming in there.

Thick-Cut Salmon Sashimi 》$4.50
Mentaiyaki Tamagoyaki 》$2.20
Triple Flavour Mini Hanamaki 》$3
Grilled Mackerel 》$4.50
Garlic Butter Scallop Sushi 》$2.50
Miso Soup with Clams 》$2.50
Teriyaki Scallop Skewer 》$1.50

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Sea Urchin Warship 》$4.80
Salmon Roe Warship 》$3.20
Salmon with Cheese 》$2.20
Grilled Eel 》$2.20

This sushi restaurant has two-tiered system conveyor belts. The belt at the bottom acts as a normal belt filled with plates where we can just take what we want and the belt on top are where the food we ordered from the tablet gets delivered to us.

The ingredients used are imported from Japan where they serve good quality and fresh slices of fish at an affordable price. The fish-to-rice ratio was great and I do see myself coming back for more wallet-friendly and quality sushi.

Some of the sushi that I have tried are Fatty Tuna, Scallop, Salmon, Young Yellowtail, Albacore Tuna, Vinegared Mackerel, Tuna and Swordfish

Red Plate 》$2.20
Gold Plate 》$3.20
Black Plate 》$4.80

Fresh and decent sushi to add-on for dinner. The sushi is handcrafted with a good ratio of topping to rice. The freshwater eel was firm and soft, lightly coated with teriyaki sauce and topped with a slice of herb butter. The shrimp was also fresh, topped with spicy dried scallop that gives a more savoury taste and texture compared to the usual ebi sushi. 

Freshwater eel with buttery herb sauce 》$7
Shrimp with spicy dried scallop 》$5

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Crab meat and cucumber sushi roll, topped with dollops of lobster salad 》1-for-1 Lobster Salad Roll for UOB cardholder (U.P. $10.80 / 4pcs)

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber and avocado, topped with ikura and teriyaki sauce 》$15.80

Very satisfying salmon aburi roll that comes with torched salmon, avocado, cucumber and kani stick. The aburi salmon was well torched that it melts in the mouth and compliment well with the creaminess of seared mayonnaise 》$16.90

Avocado wrapped around sushi roll with fried lotus root, aburi salmon and passion fruit sauce 》$9

The fried lotus root did gave the entire dish a nice crunch with the passion fruit sauce adding a more refreshing flavor to the palate.


This place serves good quality sushi with good ratio of fish to rice and what's more, a very friendly and welcoming Japanese chef 🥰

I initially got the kurage salad warship to try and I was sold! It was so good that I started flipping the menu searching for it without sushi rice. Decided to try my luck to order it when I couldn't find it in the menu and i'm glad they do serve it ala carte at $3.80 for a bowl of kurage salad 🤤

Salmon Sashimi》$7.60
Kurage Salad Warship》$1.80
Daimyo Anago - Big Sea Eel》$6.80
Aburi Mentaiko Hotate》$5.80

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