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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

This was mad delicious. I didn't like their bread cos it was too dense after you chew even tho it's soft and fluffy, but the Kaya bread doesn't have this problem cos it's flatter.

The Kaya itself was pretty good too, it's not the same as the normal one you find everywhere, you can really taste the slightly custardy texture and the full flsvour

Must try

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Nothing cheesecake about it, the yuzu cream cheese was alright but bread was too hard

Basically the bread platter but less bread but half price when you order ala carte. It's much more worth it to me

Sourdough was avg, even tho I tot the bacon leek one. It's just too mild
Honey wholewheat was alright

The nut butter was entirely solid but quite soft, not v sweet at all

Overall it's okay

Whole wheat is not as good as the normal ones, but this is a decent execution. Not v sweet at all, but still quite oily


The honey mascarpone is highly raved, I think it's alright, the reason why ppl think it's so good is because there's an underlying mint flavour which makes it fresh

And ofc, more of their excellent sourdough to scoop up the mascarpone

Oh god this was mindblowingly good.

The bread was alright, it's got slightly mroe bite as you expect Sourdough breads to have, but thank god it's hardly sour at all.

The tomato sauce and chili honey was Magical though, it's much better than i can imagine really, and it was so intense. Salami added some umami

Must try, except its a special do i guess you wont know whens the next time it comes

Yam was good too, but not Nearly as good as the sweet potato

Peanut butter is strong but this is too dry on its own because of the peanut butter. Have to keep drinking water while Eating this

Their pillowy bread w bite again, with a very mild tom yam Ckn inside. Really could have been stronger, but it was at least sufficiently fragrant

Portion is pretty big, feeds 2 if that's all youre having.

The figs are well roasted, but that's really all. Theres cubes of cream cheese but they taste like white cheese more, and the two flavours dont go tgt, and the overall taste is very mild, nowhere near sweet enough. Bread has way too much bite as always

I struggle to understand why these cafe-hopping girls love this

Only the most annoyingly accurate, the most painfully truthful reviews.

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