Best Cafés In Johor

Best Cafés In Johor

Featuring Maco Cafe & Bakery, My Liberica (Taman Molek), Amaya Food Gallery (Amari Johor Bahru), Image Cooker, Sorella Cafe, AnMour Cafe (Permas Jaya), Sweet Blossom Coffee Roasters, The Toast (Permas Jaya), Glass @ Thistle Johor Bahru, B.E. Cafe
John Barry
John Barry

Love the concept, I get to set the doneness of my noodles and add ons by myself.

Perfect for someone very particular at the amount of crunch or chewyness each item has.

RM1 per add on, buy 4 free 1.

Had to try out these faux lobster and crab meat, pretty tasty!

The coffee here is pretty awesome!

Sad thing is that they're not on beyond, so gotta prioritise those that are

I'm so glad they opened in Pelangi, now I'm only 10 minutes away this awesome dish!

The smoke duck is tender and flavourful, with good balance from the al dente Aglio olio

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Ok this is something I did not expect.

Sparkling Ginger + coffee, I expect it to taste as such, but! Somehow it has a pleasant savoriness to it, almost like a venison or beef and ginger dish that you can get in Chinese restaurants, with a hint of coffee.

It's not bad, it's just very unique, savory coffee could just be my kind of thing

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100% Malay owned and run.

The food here is your basic kopitiam fare but Halal.

Appreciate the effort to cater to our Muslim brothers and sisters

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I guess they set the timer to a large egg and proceeded to over cook my half boiled eggs.


It's actually not that bad, the yolk had a solid skin but the insides were liquid, so I guess I still got my half boiled eggs :)

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Either my hand is smol or this kopi is large.

Either way, it's a perfect cup of nanyang brew

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Buy 2 xxxl chicken get 2 drinks free!

The chicken is like those Taiwan XXXL style, but got option to make it extra spicy!

Creamy and packing a punch.

As expected of Gigi coffee

The real Johor "Foodie". If Johor had a food encyclopedia, page 1 will tell you to follow me on Burpple

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