Authentic Japanese Food In Johor

Authentic Japanese Food In Johor

When trying Japanese food, you have to go authentic. Because if it isn't the real deal, then you're just scamming yourself.
John Barry
John Barry

RM29 (50gm)
RM58 (100gm)

This spot is a window to the meaty wonders of Japan.

Aside the popular wagyu you can Savour a variety of beefy bovine delicacies

They've got quite the selection here.

Yellow plates : RM1.80
Red Plates : RM2.80

A very affordable ramen spot in Taman Daya, the broth is kinda weak but I'm loving the hearty portions

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I can imagine that this is what a Japanese household would prepare as a Bento.
The pork and ginger has a simple home-like taste, while the scrambled eggs are sweetened with sweet soy sauce.

The sides include surimi and tofu, with a bowl of miso soup to smoother the passage of the bites into your tummy.

9/10 (needs bigger portion)

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One bite from this instantly brought me back to Tsukiji outer market.
It taste exactly like the chirashi Bowl I had there, minus the tuna.

This is a slice of Japan right in Johorean soil.

This place is Muslim owned and run.
The wasabi is actual wasabi root, and the soy sauce is home made (to ensure it's 100% halal)

And the quality and authenticity is mind blowing, this little family run business can put all the Japanese restaurants in Singapore and Johor to shame.

The only way to beat this is to actually go to Japan and find the best places for yakiniku and sashimi, THE BEST PLACES, NOT JUST ANY PLACE.

Tori Karaage : RM16
Matcha Strawberry Sando : RM14
Lychee Matcha Tea : RM14

The chicken was perfect, crispy external batter with juicy and moist insides, the matcha sando was a pairing of creamy mildly bitter matcha with a hint of sweetness and ripe strawberries that had a slight sourness, a delight indeed

The lychee Matcha tea was smooth creamy and very refreshing, with sweetness coming only from the lychee, so you can enjoy the pure flavour of their matcha, which I assume is Uji matcha (ceremony grade)

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The curry here is so and so, reminds me of Lawson convenience store curry rice in Japan.

The Avacado maki is pretty good, as I usually despise Avacado on sushi, I'm surprised that I can endure this one.

Soft creamy Avacado with a neutral flavour, bolstered by sweet thick soy sauce, partnered with a mild tasting mayonnaise.

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Broth is thin, but flavourful, like a fusion of tonkotsu and shoyu bases. Noodles are slightly firm. Toppings include chashu, seaweed, one slice of Narutomaki, ajitsuke egg (whole not sliced), and Negi.

This bowl is priced at RM15.

Carlsberg is on draught, wish they had Japanese beer on tap.

Overall a good warm meal on a rainy day.


Yes that zaru soba bowl is made of ice, a solid block of ice shaped like a bowl, how cool is that (pun 100% intended).

Nice restaurant, cosy, even has trains to deliver sushi to your table.

Try out the sashimi, it's really fresh.


You can literally taste the emulsified bones in this one, just like all tonkotsu broth should be, it's lip-smacking good. Not overtly salty like Tokyo style ramen, this broth reminds me of Okinawa style ramen, wholesome and thick, emphasizing on the meaty earthy flavours, well balanced with the seafood umami of the tare. Noodles were slightly undercooked today, for some reason.
Had a peach Chu-Hai (soda + suntory whiskey). Leave your toxic masculinity at the door, as this "ladies drink" is gonna put some hair on your chest.

The damage was RM45, (ramen rm17, peach Chu hai 25)

They also serve yakitori after 6pm, and nothing beats downing pork bellies on a stick while chugging some imported Kirin.


The real Johor "Foodie". If Johor had a food encyclopedia, page 1 will tell you to follow me on Burpple

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