Breakfast (Just Breakfast)

Breakfast (Just Breakfast)

Everything related to eating in the morning.
John Barry
John Barry

This thing taste incredible.

And of course there's 25g of high quality protein in it.

I'm glad that they don't just serve a mediocre drink, but instead add some class with a sprinkle of chocolate powder on top.

Simple and gets the job done.

Your carbs, your protein and your fats in a single sandwich

Waltz on in to Kampung Gym Austin and head to the second floor, you'll be greeted by a stark contrast to the all black decor of the workout equipments and mirrors.

This cafe is all white, with some Nordic muted colours, perfect for relaxing after a tough workout session.

They serve up a variety of meals which are made for those serious about fitness, and being a cafe they also have coffee.

How about some whey with that Americano?

Incredible, simply incredible.

A very home-y feeling toast, sadly the butter tastes like Margerine, but it's still a very pleasant and delightful breakfast

Ok this one, the sambal is good, but sadly the bread is dry and a little burnt.

There's alot of things in here, and I kinda regret having something this greasy for breakfast

The drinks were good, but the dishes were pretty aweful, NGL.

Steamed but, half boiled egg, and nanyang black coffee, heaven.

But I tell you what's not heaven, the price, this place is rather pricey.

A nice amount of peanut butter on perfectly done toast, this one is pretty worth the price

Could benefit from some pepper and salt in the egg mayo, overall pleasant, but not something to write home about

What better way to start your day than with a good old fry up and cold brew coffee.

The supreme breakfast set here costs RM28 and you get two lengthy slices of bacon, 2 sausages, scrambled eggs, sautéed mushrooms, two slices for toast, lettuce, cherry tomatoes and either potatoes or pumpkin.

I went with the pumpkin, overall this supreme breakfast has items that compliment each other, the bacon and sausages hold the main flavour, while everything else provides texture. That being said I wish they had drizzled a bit of olive oil and rock salt on that baby pumpkin slice, it was a little too bland for my liking.

The cold brew (RM10) here is superb, mellow and smooth, not too bitter but entirely coffee. I can't tell what beans were used because the flavour profile, as I mentioned, is mellow.

This place is recommended, albeit slightly pricey, I would say it's worth it.

(ABC, if you're reading this, maybe season the pumpkin a bit, I will be returning soon)


For RM6, I didn't expect to get this many Lap Cheong (Chinese sausages) and Si Ham (cockles).

Pretty worth it if you ask me.
As for taste, it's alright, nothing special.

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