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Klay Eats
Klay Eats

RM10 (latte)
RM8 (banana chocolate muffin)

A more cost friendly alternative to Starbucks and coffee bean

A pretty good latte, but the main selling point is the interior, absolutely gorgeous

For RM 5 you get a massive cup, almost double in size to the regular one on the left.

RM38, you get the special, specialist of everything special, according to their menu.

And yes it is indeed special, a mixture of gin, vodka and a few other spirits with a base of orange pulp and what I think is Syrup.

A fruity cocktail perfect to celebrate life on the beach.

Pretty good, the softserve is very milky, so anyone who is lactose intolerant better keep your distance.

Rm4.50 each

A great tasting mocha ice blended with alot of chocolate for RM14.90

The cafe itself is very stylish and the food although slightly pricey is pretty worth it. The industrial themed decor really sets up for some Instagram worthy photos

The decor is just unlike any other, the 2d/3d art really pops and makes you feel like you're in another dimension.. a comic book dimension.

A silky smooth latte, with a light and airy creaminess to it.

The salted caramel flavour goes well with the milky sweetness of the base latte.

This coffee is sold out of a van, it's roasted and brewed by a pakcik named Kanang Wak Misnon, and dare I say, he's an expert brewer.

The coffee is strong, aromatic and whole, a testament to his expert roasting.

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Aside from orange peel and cinnamon, this old fashioned (RM34) comes with half a strawberry and lemon, it doesn't do much to the overall drink, but the mixing here is on point, liquorice like sweetness paired with a zesty afternote, over the woody aroma of the whiskey.
My assumption is that they used a pretty great whiskey base to start.

As for the place, it's nice and cosy with different seating arrangements depending on your mood ; outdoor seating, high chairs, by the bar and even armchairs.

Amazingly fragrant, the aroma of roasted hazelnut was so rich that I could smell it before it landed on my table.

Creamy and mildly sweet, the taste of black coffee is faint but present, same goes for the hazelnut, the milk is light, which is a good thing.

There's also a butter cookie with your latte, taste like a store bought one.

Overall a good place for hazelnut coffee

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