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Jace Ong
Jace Ong

Had an extremely enjoyable experience at Tomidou! The chefs and restaurant staff went above and beyond to make our omakase meal a special experience, taking the time to explain the source and choice of ingredients used and even finding out the answers to any queries we may have. Do note that the establishment is reservation only, so do call ahead to book to avoid disappointment!

Dish 1: Tuna sushi from Ooma city, which is famed for their bluefin tuna. The tuna melts in your mouth and the rice was perfectly done; how the chef managed to get individual grains of rice while still making them stick together escapes me. Ratio of rice to fish to wasabi to sauce was perfect.

Dish 2: Uni sushi from Hokkaido. The uni was very creamy, carrying a mild taste of the sea and complemented the smoky fragrance of the seaweed, which had been roasted over binchotan.

Dish 3: Rice dish with grilled fish, served with sauce from crab and Yuzu. The fragrance from the grilled fish and seaweed complemented the umami sauce. My favourite dish of the meal.

Dish 4: Toromaki made with ootoro, chuutoro and uni. Every bite managed to deliver a different flavour; the creamy uni was first to melt in your mouth, followed by ootoro the chuutoro. All the different ingredients managed to keep their unique flavours while still being cohesive as a dish.

5. Miso soup made with Shijimi clams, served delicately in a cute cup. The clams lends itself to a rich complex soup taste while still being light enough to be a comfort sip at the end of the day

6. Hojicha ice cream served in an elegant glass bowl. The scent of roasted tea successfully cleanses the palate and delivers a perfect ending to an exquisite experience enjoyed.

Ordered the Batang seafood soup with vermicelli and added a side of ginger braised duck to complement the meal. The seafood soup was rich and sweetened with the taste of the seafood ingredients added. Portions of seafood and fish were generous, and the ginger duck was delicious with a bowl of rice. Great meal to have on a rainy day.

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Dropped by for a quick dinner and was pleasantly surprised by the great atmosphere of the place, which was cost, warm and inviting. Music wasn't too loud that you had to speak over it trying to have a conversation, and the lighting was just bright enough that you could see your food whilst enjoying the night. Ordered the roast beef and baby back ribs with a half pint, and was pleasantly surprised that my Guiness has kept its bubbles while we worked through the generous portion sizes. Definitely a hidden gem amidst the hustle and bustle of Orchard.

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Ordered the Watermelon Yo-Tea and Mango Grapefruit with Yogurt and was pleasantly surprised. The combination of watermelon and tea was refreshing and perfect for cleansing my palate after a greasy meal, while the mango, grapefruit and yogurt combo reminded me of a sago and was great for an after-meal dessert.

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Would recommend for people who enjoy exploring new flavours of dumplings without needing to travel far or queue for hours.

First time trying their dumplings and got 5 flavours.
Dumplings were delivered to my doorstep, and the staff was extremely nice and called upon reaching to confirm that I was at home to receive the delivery (to prevent scenarios whereby no one is able to receive the delivery and the food spoils).

Nonya Rice
- Sweet flavour
- Strong frgrance from dumpling leaves
- Would prefer if there was a stronger taste of coriander seed

Pulut Hitam Nonya Rice
- Sweet flavour
- Harmony of sweet rice and salty filling, with lingering aroma of pulut hitam at the end. Best enjoyed as an afternoon snack to satisfy that moreish craving

Hakka Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables
- Traditional flavour that manages to deliver a surprise, works really well in a dumpling
- Acidity of preserved vegetables worked excellently to offset the fattiness of the braised pork belly
- Black horse of the bunch, kept going back for more. Did not expect to enjoy it so much

Hokkien Rice with Salted Egg Yolk
- Surpised with chestnut in the filling, leaner meat used compared to the other flavours
- Saltier than the other flavour options

Emperor's Rice
- Generous with ingredients: contained lapcheong, rehydrated shiitake, scallop, lotus seeds fatty braised meat with an entire salted egg yolk
- Guaranteed burst of umami flavour with every bite and flavours are well balanced without any ingredient stealing the show
- Tad more expensive than the other flavours due to premium ingredients used ($16.80/per)

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Had a chill dinner at FBG yesterday, right beside Botanic Gardens. Great vibes, the steakhouse was filled with idle chatter from the different groups of patrons enjoying their food and their night. The fried camembert paired with truffle honey was genius as a starter, the truffle scent and sweet aftertaste successfully whetted our appetites for more. We followed with the Denver Wagyu and Deckle Wagyu steaks, which were both beautifully marbled and grilled just right on charcoal (we managed to catch a glimpse of the chef preparing our steaks in the open concept kitchen complete with a mini fire show. Didn't manage to catch photos, unfortunately). The spice from grilled broccolini side managed to cut through the fat from the steak while still standing on its own, a great dish prepared. Had the house baked cheesecake to complete the meal, the passionfruit sauce was tart and refreshing and hit just right after the great meal.

Dropped by on a rainy Sunday morning and it was the perfect weather for hot noodles and soup. The boiling soup base kept warm in the adorable clay pot was rich and packed full of flavour, perfect for a cool breezy breakfast.

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Had an enjoyable time having a meal and catching up with friends. Favourite dish I had was the burnt cheesecake and wine pairing recommended by the staff, although the romanesco broccoli was a very close second. Really loved the decor style of the place as well as the fact that the food was brought out at a rather leisurely pace; we never felt like the staff was rushing us to complete our meal and were able to chit chat while thoroughly savouring our meal and wine. Highly recommend for others looking for a relaxing and chill night out to end their day.

Ordered the spicy eggplant, prawn fried rice, mala dumplings, crispy pork and lychee martini. Was impressed by the fried rice and could really taste the wokhey in the dish. Eggplant and dumplings were tasty but the dumplings were a tad too oily for me. Crispy pork lived up to its name and remained crispy throughout the meal, but the portion was a bit lacking considering the price. Lychee martini definitely won me over due to its sweet taste and ability to cut the grease. Overall had an enjoyable meal if you can overlook the multitude of Chairman Maos looking down upon you from their place on the restaurant walls.

Pax attended: 2
Total paid: $76.50 total

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