New on Beyond: February  2022

New on Beyond: February 2022

It's a FAB-ruary with all the amazing 1-for-1 deals at NY Verden Bar and Grill, Winestone, Mr Shao Bao & more!
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Nothing beats having a scoop of ice cream to indulge ourselves in this hot weather. We can't say no to your ultimate ice cream parlour, One Sixteen, for you're sure to be attracted by their frozen delights and freshly made waffles, drizzled with decadent maple syrup. What's more, pick your favourite toppings like Chopped Hazelnuts or Sliced Almonds and finish it till the last crunch along with your soft served ice cream. Single scoop gelato comes at ($4.80) and double scoops at ($8.80)

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When weekends come around and brunch beckons, head over this al fresco cafe at the entrance of Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel. Come with an empty stomach and dive straight for the Crossroads local signature Char Kway Teow ($24). Don't miss out on the decadent Marriott Burger ($28), featuring 100% ground Angus beef, cheddar, tomato, accompanied by crispy bacon, dill pickle and French fries, as well as the Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger ($28) served on grilled sourdough! This deal is applicable for: Quick Twenty and Local Flavours sections only (Excludes Steak frites). Deal requires 2 days of prior reservations and subjected to availability.

On leisurely weekends, round the gal pals up for afternoon tea at this relaxing lounge-cafe located in Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel. Order the Belgian Chocolate English High Tea Set ($58) that includes Hazelnut Chocolate Delice, Ivory Chocolate Raspberry-Lychee Verrine, Chocolate Sable Breton with Orange Cheese Frosting and many more deliciously curated assortments! This deal requires 2 days of prior reservations and subjected to availability.

Beat the heat this February with your yummy sweet treat shop, Chuffles Gelato! This one-of-a-kind cafe located at Toa Payoh serves up some of your favourite gelato flavours such as Belgium Dark Chocolate which you can pair with Crispy Belgium Waffles - a must-try and perfect for an Instagram shot! Their gelato flavours range from a single ($3.70) to double ($6.90 for same flavour) scoop.


Set against the tranquil backdrop of Aranda Country Club, 13 INCH fires up your appetite with an array of familiar and comforting grilled specialities with an unexpected spin, whether it's 13-inch meat and seafood skewers or hearty 13-ingredient seafood pots. Do try their Chef's recommendation dishes such as Herb Crusted Lamb Rack ($28) or Swiss Burger ($18) served with Furikake Fries!

When it comes to finding the purest taste of grilled chicken, there is no better version to try other than Japanese Yakitori. Here at Hinode Sake Bar & Grill, their classic Yakitori dishes mean serious business. Handmade and grilled to perfection, you can go with their great-tasting skewers known for their unique textue and flavours, including Tsukune Meatballs ($7), Hokkaido Hotate ($8.90), Wagyu Ponzu ($12.90) and many more!


Need a dose of coffee to perk up your day? You'll never be disappointed with Monday Coffee Bar, a Japanese-inspired cafe, for their signature iced white coffee and Katsu sandwiches! Enjoy a nice meal with your loved ones paired with delightful drinks - Cappucino ($4.50), Mocha Chocolate ($5.50), Yuzu Sencha ($7) and more! This deal is applicable for: Coffee, Chocolate, Tea, Aomori Apple Juice.

Bored of the same, old cup of bubble tea every week? Never miss out on the best premium milk tea by Yan Xi Tang, the first to take Singapore by storm with its tea incorporated with elements and styles of the Qing Dynasty's royal court. Try out featured flavours such as Golden Oolong Milk Tea ($3.60), Royal Imperial Fruit Tea ($5) and many more! One cup at a time, and you'll feel like a magnificent king indeed! This deal is applicable for Large size only (Exclusions: Top 10, Toppings). Photo by Burppler Amanda Liu

Ever wanted to have fun and delicious food with family and friends while playing some board games? No problem! Well Played Cafe is a unique mulit-concept, rustic themed board game cafe that has got just the perfect environment for you. Along with hundreds of games, the experience will never go wrong with Margherita Pizza ($14.90), Truffle Mushroom Pasta ($13.20) - simply irresistable for sharing! This deal is applicable for: Pizza, Pasta, Burgers.

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Low on sugar? Treat yourself to a satisfying bowl of traditional Iced Kachang by Bukit Panjang Dessert such as top-sellers none other than Bobo Chacha ($2.50) or a warm serving of Green Bean Soup with Sweet Potato ($4) to soothe the soul. What's more, you can customise your icy dessert by adding on yummy toppings such as ice cream, Milo, Chocolate syrup or Honeydew Sago!

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What's a better drink to quench down that heat we've experienced from CNY cookies? Introducing you the best chilling Coconut Shakes from Coconut and Fam! They have a variety of refreshing coconut shakes like Attap Seed Shake ($5), Lotus Biscoff Crush ($5.50), and even new flavours like Salted Caramel ($5.50)! Mhm, every sip just tastes of pure satisfaction! This deal is applicable for: Coconut Shake, Premium Coconut Shake, Signature Coconut Shake.

Love coffee? Head down to Huggscoffee now - serving you Singapore's largest homegrown specialty coffee brand! Established since 2008, Huggs provides you exceptional specialty coffee and delectable treats such as The Retro ($4.20), Latte Gula ($5.20) and many more coffee blends! Indeed, there’s always something for everyone at Huggs! This deal is applicable for: Iced Retro, Hot Retro, Iced Latte Gula, Hot Latte Gula.

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