Don Don Donki

Don Don Donki

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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

I was surprised by how good it was, then I realise it's made in aomori, which produces one of the best apples in the world

There's a very strong apple fragrance, and the bits of apple were juicy and had some crunch. My description is hardly doing it justice

Must try

Delicious, the sourness of the umeboshi makes it very appetising, the bonito flakes certainly added umami too

The marination is abit strong, make sure not to overcook it as it's quite thin, just char it well on both sides? Idk I tried to render it first and overcooked it lol


Not too bad actl, has a good crunch and is about 80% as good as fresh ones

This was not bad actually, for a ready to eat bowl. There's a bit of fishiness but that's expected, and acceptable. Just that portion is abit small

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The straw smells v strong on its own, unfortunately it barely penetrates into the plastic wrapped natto.

The natto is plain and doesn't produce as much white stuff as norm when you twirl it.

Maybe it's atas or sth but not particularly impressive, at nearly double the price UP compared to the other brands.

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Really pricey but it's quite different. It's sweeter than normal and almost fruity. There's a bit of grassy bitterness though

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Legit stuff. Ckn was thick and reasonably succulent, and the teriyaki sauce is very authentic. It's quite sweet which isn't the style that's predominant over here but that's more similar to what I had in japan

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Here it is when cooked. Unless u have a fancy piece of tech, through trial and error the best way to cook it is to slowly render the fats on low heat, then when sufficient lard has rendered switch to high heat to quickly sear both sides.

My last try gave me a really decent piece that would have passed at a restaurant

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Supposed to be a good deal when you have 400g of butadon Spanish pork belly right beside lmao

Nonetheless this is pretty good. The marinade isn't too strong and the pork was of respectable quality, so in fact you get just pork belly w a hint of pepper and garlic

Good protein for the price but it's really terrible taste wise. Dry and absolutely no flavour. Even after soaking in water it still tastes like sponge

This is absolutely classic, it's exactly how it should taste. I believe many Japanese places simply use their products, which speaks to the quality

Would travel for food

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