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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

And accomodating the customers. Slightly better experience. The prata was good today


Kind of like ice cream almost, it's alright but not stunning in any way. Girl liked it tho

Overall this place is very overpriced esp since burpple beyond is not very useful here, plus the waiting time is ridiculous. I have to say there aren't many Caribbean places yet tho, so given how this is more authentic than Limehouse they probably have some advantage for a while.

I really liked this. There's a certain heat but the flavours are absolutely intense. It's braised octopus with chorizo and raisins. The octopus is pretty chewy but it's used brilliantly by pairing it w an intense sauce and cutting it into small chunks so the bite actually works. There's a certain heat to it too and the thyme? Bread which was crumbly worked passably w it.

Not very worth it given the size but I adored this dish

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Pretty worth it, solid portion for the price. there's a bit of the spices that's reminiscent of the Cajun spices, but otherwise this dish is really hot.

There's a deep dark flavour but the goat could have been more tender. The flatbread was thin and reasonably crispy.

The wait here is ridiculous. Not only did I place a reservation at 545pm but they only open at 6pm, our first dish came at 630pm. When the restaurant is empty apart from us.

We only ordered 3 dishes and we took 2hours(alr discounting that they made us wait 15mins due to the reservation problem.) I almost thought I'm having an omakase from the time I spent here. Come here with someone you love else it's really painful

Cheesecake was completely underwhelming. Guava compote was decent

Overall this place is alright, I think the vibes are pretty solid but the food while pleasant feels more attuned to the local palette than authentic. Expect to spend about 50 per pax on food and 20 on a drink

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Can't rlly taste the spice but the banana cake was good w a crunch, and the ice cream was exotic too. Not sure what's the flavour but it's pretty unique yet creamy enough to work w everything else. Not sure why it's served with plantains

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Yeah this was executed pretty well. The sweet glaze was solid and the meat was tender too.

This is much more worth it than the half rack which goes for 35++. You're basically getting the next half rack at 13++, which is ridiculous for the quality

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Pleasant sweet sour dressing, not v worth it for the ingredients but it's a big serving and the execution was well, particularly the pillowy potatoes(it's really so soft you wonder how they did it), there's also peppers if I rmb correctly

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A good but mild curry dish. Tender goat with minimal smell, you won't be able to tell it's goat if you didn't read the menu. Rice w peas was nice, turns out it's beans idk why

Plantain were really soft, with some acidity. Quite interesting, it's actl softer than banana(less grainy) maybe cos it's cooked

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Unique but easy to love flavours, it's honestly quite safe so I'm not sure if it's authentic. It's much more restaurant food than Caribbean food I feel

Would travel for food

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