food i’ve tried

food i’ve tried

a visual diary and personal take on the food i’ve had!
Alvin Oh
Alvin Oh

🏷 $17

egg-ish on the outside and then soft and fluffy on the inside, the brioche slices were made to perfection! 4 chunky slices of those weren’t enough to fill me but the textures were really so damn satisfying 🤩

even better, the dish was topped with berry compote that was nicely sour! there was a generous scoop of mascarpone cheese which had no distinct taste imo… it contributed to the overall aesthetic of the dish tho! 🤭 the dish was also topped with multiple sorts of seasonal fruits so yummy so pretty 👅 house-made maple granola was slightly too bitter for my liking… maybe it was overly charred or something idk HAHAH but i loved the honey thyme syrup! was less viscous than i expected it to be but tasted sweet with a hint of flowery-ness sooo pretty unique and definitely fitting for the toasts 😋

🏷 katsu sando - $16
freshly breaded thick cut pork loin sandwiched in japanese milk bread, and topped with grilled pineapple and tonkatsu sauce 💯 flavour and texture were absolute 10/10 imo! they did not lie when they said it’s THICK pork loin because damn just look at how thiccc it is 🤩 every bite’s so pleasurable with first, crisp from the breaded outer layer then into the tender and juicy inner layer of the katsu… i’m drooling just thinking about it even now 🤤

grilled pineapples and tonkatsu sauce added tangy flavours to the sando! the bread was very well buttered and toasted tho i’d prefer it to be a little thicker 😵‍💫

🏷 gyu sando - $26
medium rare angus beef striploin with caramelised sweet onion jam and sandwhiched between japanese milk bread slices 😛 this’ the star of the show but it’s price also got me seeing stars for a moment 😩 was indeed a flavourful and juicy slice of beef and the sweetened caramelised onions complemented the beef real well too!

🏷 mentaiko pasta - $18
the slices of scallop sashimi were my favourite for their freshness! they added texture to the dish as a whole as well alongside the generous portion of tobiko 😋 spaghetti was al-dente and mentaiko sauce wasn’t jelak at all! truly enjoyed every bite of this 💯

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🏷 $25

had a messy af experience trying to devour the burger but all’s good they still went into my tummy in the end 🤪 bun was well coated with butter, egg was as usual and with generous servings of greens ✨ top and bottom halves of the bun were also well topped with sizeable chunks of lobster meat! lobster-based paste and chunks tasted pretty bland to me tho 😕

taste of mentaiko sauce for mentaiko fries on the other hand was too overwhelming LOL i’m so picky but ya that’s my take on it 🙃 was busy picking out bare fries which were absolutely delicious and crispy!

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🏷 $19

a breakfast platter for lunch! opted for scrambled egg and it did not disappoint 🤤 t’was still mildly runny and its creaminess was just right! well seasoned with pepper and pretty sizeable i would say

other than the scrambled egg, the rest tasted pretty mediocre 🥴 my love for sautéed mushroom will never die so i’m thankful for the generous portion given tho they tasted nothing extraordinary 🤪 sourdough slices were almost as tough as rock.. i had trouble dissecting them and resorted to just biting off the slices 🤡

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🏷 $7.50

this’ a pot of strawberry and lychee flavoured blend of green tea, oolong, fruit infusion and white tea as quoted from their menu’s description 🤧

a very refreshing drink but only fitting because i got a seat indoor with aircon 🤭 could distinctly taste strawberries and lychees with every sip! flavours weren’t overwhelming at all and sweetness was just right! opted for this mainly because the hot water’s refillable and that maximises the amount paid for it 🤟🏼 was also a perfect choice especially after having a greasy meal that day 🤤

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🏷 $18.90

you’d definitely love this if you’re a fan of mango! 🥇 drenched with mango puree and with a generous portion of fresh mango cubes, this would be heaven for mango lovers and yes the mangos were also sweet af 🤩

ok but here comes the thing, i came with pretty high expectations for the pancakes after reading multiple positive reviews online but…. they were rather underwhelming 🤡 the pancakes weren’t as fluffy and soft as mentioned..? they were more of chewy like buns instead 🤧 wasn’t really a fan of it’s texture but i guess the mangoes made up for it somehow 😵‍💫

aesthetics wise i’d rate it 10/10 but taste was a 6/10 🤭

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