Food you'd have to fly to Japan to enjoy
John Barry
John Barry

680 yen
Very tasty bite sized Gyoza.

Crispy shell makes it so satisfying

This is a popular fast food restaurant that can be found all around Japan.

I reccomend paying them a visit to try out their affordable and ultra tasty dishes

Every order of Motsunabe comes with side dishes.

This includes:
Pickled cucumbers
Pork strips and onions (I think)

The side dishes were really good!

2,600 yen for 1 portion

Beef offal never tasted so immaculately delicious.
The broth soaks into the intestines which are soft and tender.
Perfect for cold weather

1,580 yen

Raw horse meat is surprisingly tasty, it's like a buttery umami rich salmon.

520 yen.

A little pricey for highball, but this is a fancy place.

Crisp and fresh.

The only good thing at the 1500 yen buffet is this sorbet.
The red one is mixed berries and has an amazingly tangy tarty flavour that leaves you wanting more.

The grey one is a nutty and mild tasting one which I assume is black sesame

1,500 Yen
All you can eat sweets buffet, they also have curry rice and other dishes that Japanese kids love.

Keep your expectations low, as the food here is pretty sub par, with slightly hard cakes, sweets that taste like sugar and nothing else, and basically a bunch of regular junk food.

2,200 yen
An amazing plate of free range scrambled eggs, toast, bacon, fennel sausage, grilled tomatoes and herbed garlic mushrooms.
The care taken to ensure the bacon has crispy edges and a tender mid section is inspiring, not to mention the perfectly done scrambles eggs.

1,580 yen
This is the recommended way of enjoying Ichiran, with extra everything.

The broth is probably the benchmark for all Tokyo style Tonkotsu, rich in umami, and lip smacking thick with collagen.

Admittedly not the very best ramen in existence, but this is a good place to start for those who want to know what Ramen should be

900 Yen
Fresh wasabi grated ✅
Negi ,✅
Springy fresh buckwheat noods ✅
Tasty Tare ✅

If you're ever near Shinjuku Goen, give this shop a try

850 yen
The best part about this place is that there's a self service kiosk for ordering with English menus for all vendors.

This satisfying bowl of Tonkotsu ramen hit the spot as the weather was a little cold.

Nothing amazing but still better for the price when compared to any other cheap ramen in Singapore or Malaysia

The real Johor "Foodie". If Johor had a food encyclopedia, page 1 will tell you to follow me on Burpple

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