Eggie TPG

Eggie TPG

Eating our way through TPG 😉
Eggie Foodies
Eggie Foodies

💎100 Days Barley-Fed Bone in Ribeye 1kg ($158++) 10/10
Meant for 3-4 pax, we got this in med rare and it was bloody amazing… Comes with a variety of toppings such as mash, mustard seeds and the perfect pairing for me is the beef jus 😍 Ordered some sides - Charcoal Grilled Baby Corn with Brown Butter Sabayon ($10++) which was outstanding and the Cherry Tomato Salad ($12++)

House-made Taglionlini, Sicilian Red Prawn, Bottarga ($26++) 🦐 8/10
The raw prawns in this dish was the highlight and I wished they gave more heh.. Mix it properly otherwise the saltiness from the bottarga will be overly concentrated 🫣

💎Spanish Turbot ($108++) 9/10
This was sooo good, the meat was cooked to perfection and paired well with the accompanying sauce. Lightly salted, it’s delicious even without the sauce

💎Capuccinomisu ($12++) 9/10
An untraditional take on tiramisu, but I still enjoyed this as a tiramisu lover. Spiked with port wine and using chocolate cake instead of spongy fingers, it was so good that I ordered a second serving 🐽

Overall, almost everything ordered were delish and I've been recommending all my friends to visit this place!

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Short Ribs Cannellone ($23++) 7/10
Feast for the eyes! This is a type of cylindrical pasta filled with short ribs, but was a lil too cloying for my liking as the Taleggio cheese overpowered the entire dish as the tomatoes and basil failed to cut through 😔

💎House-made Pappardelle, Braised Pork Jowl, Chianti, Crispy Guanciale ($23++) 9/10
Having been here twice, I realised this dish was inconsistent as it was overly salted the first time but tasted way better on my second visit when it wasn’t as salty 😖 review based off the better one: this was rather addictive and i really like the different textures - good bite to the pasta 🍝 + the crunch from the guanciale + the soft pork jowl

Hokkaido Scallop Crudo ($24++) 8/10
The tanginess of the amalfi lemon 🍋 and capers sauce brought out the natural sweetness of the raw scallops. Enjoyed the pairing with the sweet white corn as well!

💎Octopus, Fava Bean Purée, Calabrese Chili ($24++) 8/10
The octopus was sooo tender and well seasoned, enjoyed this dish 🐙

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🌟 8.5/10
💵 Damage per pax ~$90
Griglia is a rather new grill kitchen concept opened by the same people behind Zafferano! Most of the dishes were well plated and dining in a large group meant that we had the chance to try most dishes on the menu 😛

White Asparagus with Shaved Black Truffles ($32++) 9/10
This is a seasonal dish and whenever it’s white asparagus season, I can’t help but order it hehe 😗 the asparagus was so sweet and they were so generous with the truffles so this was #worth imo

💎Eggplant, Smoked Caciocavallo Fondue ($19++) 8.5/10
Layered with roma tomatoes and basil, this paired really well with the cheese fondue! 🧀

Burratina ($24++) 6.5/10
This burrata zucchini tart with pine nuts and mint was truly a feast for the eyes but unfortunately, it looked better than it tasted… Lacking some salt and personally, I prefer my burrata paired with tomatoes 🍅

💎Beef Tartare ($20++) 9/10
Paired with bone marrow, salsa verde, red radish and capers, this was quite different from your usual beef tartare but still yum! Ordered the Rustic Bread 🍞 ($6++) to go with the tartare

💎Spaghetti Di Martino ($20++) 10/10
Despite the simplicity of this, it’s actually one of my fav dishes there! The Datterino tomatoes used are brined in Italian seawater and are some of the sweetest tomatoes I’ve ever had and the quality really shows in the dish

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This came with 2 slabs of uber thicc charshu that was sooo tender, 4 slices of smoked duck and everyone’s favorite ramen egg. The broth was delicious and would be perfect for the rainy weather ☔️ but both meats were not as flavorful as we would have liked it

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Comes with charshu, minced pork, Japanese pickles, fried and raw onions, mizuna, an onsen egg and dashi soup. You can also choose non-spicy or 2 levels of spiciness and it comes with 3 special vinegars (kelp, orange and chili) to add to your noods! Either ways, this is to die for 🤧

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G&G eating through SG 👅 Instagram: @eggiefoodies

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