Featuring Smöoy (Jem), Azabu Sabo Hokkaido Ice Cream (Clarke Quay Central), Project Açaí (VivoCity), Home's Favourite, Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie (Sin Ming), Betsubara (Marina Square), Petite House, Baker's Brew (Jem)
Sarah S
Sarah S

Their gelato are nice, but the waffle ($6.90) takes the cake.

It's eggy, fluffy, and slightly crisp. The syrup is okay, a little cloyingly sweet but the waffle on its own is delicious. Would be back just for it!

Their summer strawbwrries flavour reminded me of Movenpick's strawberry ice cream (Movenpick's the winner, of course). Refreshing :)

Junior scoop is enough for someone who simply wants a treat but not too much sugar, but the price might sting at seeing you how much soft serve you get for $5/cup.

$4 Junior
$5 Standard
$9 Double Scoop
$5 Soft Serve
$6.90 Waffle - MUST TRY!

The gelato has a rich, good texture, not too melty. Dark Choco is intense with hints of coffee/cacao aftertaste.

Swapped banana for more grapes, no regrets.

Comparing with acai affair, this acai is sweeter and didn't melt as much/fast. Overall a satisfying dessert :)

It's a small place with less than 10 tables but the turnover is pretty quick!

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Lychee sponge - fluffy but crumbles apart when I try to get all the layers in 1 bite. Cream - tasty but the mango flavours are less prominent. Filling - the highlight! Harmonious blend of mango and lychee bits in curds. Tangy and refreshing :)

Overall it's not too sweet and quite addictive! Recommended :) Flourless choco and choco symphony are awesome too.

*Pic shows the birthday topper and golden candles provided by them :)

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These little heart nuggets are dangerously ADDICTIVE.

They're thick, crispy, not too sweet, and the dried logans give an interesting twist to the usual butter cookie. The bak kwa flavour is yummy too but fyi it's salty.

It's quite pricey so I usually wait for sales before buying to treat myself. Treat yourself! :)

Other flavours like milk or dark chocolate taste better! The vanilla was surprisingly bland to me considering it had lots of vanilla bean seeds. Bf said it didn't have a nice aftertaste. Only saving grace is that it does have a nice texture :)


The dark choco cream was rich and chocolatey! Earl grey cookie was not bad, both flavours had its plus points.

The cookie itself was more chewy/soft than crunchy, which pairs well with the cream! Defo going back for more. Earl grey chiffon mixed reviews.

Bf got me the bento box option, which came in a cute sushi design wrap, tied bento-style! Great for gifting :)

The place is bright and not too noisy - great for talking! My fav toppings are the muesli, choco pearls and hazelnut sauce (it has crisp wafer bits in the choco!). SO wonderful. I've tried other brands but still love this most. It can be abit sweet and milky for some people.

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I like strawberry rhubarb the most :)

Mr Bucket's choco is unique. It doesn't taste like the belgian choco we're familiar with but rather has a deeper flavour. Wasn't used to it at first but it's moreish!

This has become my fav place for hot/iced chocolate. Not only is it creamy and smooth, the deep moreish flavour is what draws me in for moreee. Go on a rainy day and get their hot choco at 50% off!

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Sarah S

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