Eat at Malacca

Eat at Malacca

Good foods around the historical town!
Jaren Ng
Jaren Ng

I am pretty impressed with how they combined chilli garam with burger!

Chilli garam is a dish in nyonya cuisine so its pretty special huh.
The taste was okay, i wanted to try their chilli garam beef burger but not available at the moment so i had to go for the chicken one. Their pasta was a bit bland. Will go again to try the beef burger!

Nice ambience too! Only thing is the parking space was very inconvenient cuz the cafe is located at the side of the road.

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A place where i used to come often for breakfast, usually ordered their 2 choices of breakfast sets, to choose ham or sausage thats serve with 2 toasts, sunny sideup eggs and tea/coffee. Last time, we can change the sunny side up from the set menu to half boil eggs, but since they changed boss and system, we arent allow to do that anymore. Sad.... whish made me go lesser now.
They do sell some chops and some stir fry stuffs too like fried noodles. A veryyyy simple restaurant. The toasts bread they use are not even any fancy bread. Lol
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Chinese relaxing way, at least for me. Eating dim sum its kind of a luxury for me, where you can sit down,many variations to choose from, drinking hot tea and just enjoy. They will bring the whole steam tray for you to choose, Siew Mai is not to miss! Or the whole tey of deep fried stuffs. Got carrot cakes, chee cheong fun, lomaikai etc!! This restaurant is one that i always go to. Not bad. I like their smooth silky congee. :)
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Zichar restaurant, all their dishes are served in claypots!!
Love their Salted Fish Pork Belly Claypot dish the most!!! But unfortunately recently they changed the meat from pork belly to a just some sliced pork and its changes everything. Sad...
But overall it all taste good, decent restaurant. A satifaction feel to have a meal here.
#rice #dishes #malacca #malaysia

This is also a gooood nasi lemak in KL.
The taste of the coconut milk in the rice, and its perfectly cooked.
The rendang taste rich and i tried some fried chicken from my friend's portion and it is not disppointed too!
Overall not bad. Will go again if i can.
The restaurant have two floors and its crowded!
#nasilemak #kl #kualalumpur #malaysia #good #recommended

Other than the famous jap cuisine Wazen in Malacca, this is also not bad. Unfortunately the unagi i had that day was very rubbery. Maybe bad batch? #sushi #japanese #cuisine #food #malacca #malaysia

Yes you see that right! Its Kangkung in nasi lemak Malacca!! This stall is the very best so far for me...

rice=good, rendang=good, sambal=good, kangkung=good. Overall=gooooood.

Their normal nasi lemak contained rice, egg(normal omellete, this photo i changed to fried egg), kangkung, cucumber, sambal, peanuts and anchovies.

They have various dishes you can add on too like economy rice. The fried chicken also is tasty, i always had a hard time choosing between rendang chicken or fried chicken. So normally i chose fried chicken with rendang gravy. 🤣 but this picture its only rendang chicken.

Seriously recommended!! This is one of the stall in this kopitiam just opposite the road from portuguese settlement. And this stall i am talking bout operates for dinner only! They normally starts setting up around 5pm i guess, and by 6plus you can see ppl queuing already.

Do not mistakenly try the wrong stall as in the morning, they have another seller selling nasi lemak too at the same place. I repeat, this stall i am recommending opens in the evening!!!

P.s.there's a stall in the morning selling nice mee rebus too!
So breakfast and dinner can settle in the same place. Haha

#nasilemak #malacca #malaysia #delicious

Peanut dessert with this awesome you tiao that made and deep fried on the spot!! Deliciousss, no jokeeeee. Its a pretty small shop and pretty hard to spot this place. The had only 2 choices of desserrts and a few choices of deep fried stuffs too. #recommended #youtiao #dessert #malacca #malaysia p.s.if can, dont eat there, your outfit will get caught by the smells of the oil from them frying those you tiao.

Ordered this Malaysian Curry Chicken with sourdough from 3 choices of bread! Simple and nice ambience. #cafe #malacca #malaysia

Recommended!! Famous for their roti cheese. Crispy roti canai for breakfast, what a great food to start the day! This kopitiam do have some nasi lemak and noodles. I love the kopi here too! Must try!!!! #roti #roticanai #malacca

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This small hidden bar is very chilling, it's probably a bit hard to find too. At a back alley, small door/gate, need to press the bell and wait for someone to open the door for you. 🤣

It has no menu, just let the bartender know what kind of drinks you like and he will be like omakase mix it for you!

The space are small, cant fit too many people but might need to wait for quite long for your drinks because only one bartender creating the drinks!

Will definitely go again!! Quite special and chill.

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A drink to chill by the Malacca river. Awesome. Drinks are creative, but taste so so. Maybe i ordered one doesnt suit my taste. Will definitely go again! #alcohol #whisky #malacca

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