🏛️🍕🍔 Western 🥨🍝🥗

🏛️🍕🍔 Western 🥨🍝🥗

Featuring Marché Mövenpick (313@Somerset), Brotzeit (Westgate), Winestone, Route 65 Bar + Kitchen (Suntec City), Brotzeit (Raffles City), Mia Restaurant, Brotzeit (Katong), Hopscotch (Gardens by the Bay), Saizeriya (Hillion Mall), Pizza Hut Express (NTU)
Istayne  Peh
Istayne Peh

No extra service charge it seems from the receipt.
The pasta was still too undercooked this round. Less sauce given but the amount of ingredients was pretty worth it about 3 or more pieces each of prawns, mussels and sotong rings.

Careful when chewing on the fleshy squid rings- the lining can be difficult to sever and may become a choking hazard if you didn’t choose to cut them up before swallowing the ring whole.

My favourite lasagne spot at NTU at only a fraction of the price outside (usually $16.70 at Pizza Hut restaurants). Typically only available at the start of the week as it quickly runs out of stock.

Also available as a combo with drink and wings/drumlets add-on.

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The warmest dish we had so far.
Fish tasted fresh and paired nicely with the sauce.
Favourite dish out of the 4 we ordered.

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Choice of red tomato-based or white wine sauce
Choice of pasta (got linguine), add $3 for freshly-made pasta

My mother really adored the sauce for this dish but I had hoped for more crabmeat or that it was chopped into slightly larger chunks to give it more bite.

Garlic slices galore!

Paired with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut
Takeaway in a box

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Situated at a prime location near one of the Bayfront MRT exits along the way to Gardens by the Bay, this place presented a great hideout from the rain before venturing into the shelterless gardens.

Sadly, my 4G kept getting disconnected from reception but the kitchen crew was kind enough to provide the restaurant’s wifi.

The beef cheeks was tenderly simmered and warmly comforting in the chilly afternoon shower. My only gripe was the thin slices of potato and carrots could have been more generous given the price. The dish was so eatable you could down it with just a spoon!

The slow-cooked pork ribs was nicely marinated too! However, the sides -achar pickles & prawn crackers (not crackly enough)- were ok only.

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[Takeaway] Balanced diet of meat, carbs and fibre
Texture-wise slightly mushy apart from the sausages. Not too much sawing required if you’re feeding kids!

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The dish gets alittle dry/ salty the more you eat- good to share it with another.


The pork knuckle was juicier with a larger cut of 🥩 compared with those of the rosti. It was quite a pleasant surprise to find that the burger 🍔 had an interesting combination of flavours not commonly found in most Singaporean foods.


Crispy crackling skin atop a chewy jelly layer between and juicy meat underneath. The skin layer is thicker than the knuckle from Brotzeit and meat more moist. Somehow the seasoning tastes little soy-sauce-like.

Knuckle needs to be eaten with other foods to balance its saltier side.

Comes with a glass of orange juice 🍊 and a cup of coffee ☕️ - you won’t be thirsty

The rosti is usually the booth with the longest queue, with the cook juggling 5-6 pans sizzling with machine-shredded potatoes at any one time, oil spraying onto the wall of unpeeled potatoes whenever the rosti is flipped. Self-service of condiments, spring onions, lemon wedges and utensils 3 steps away.

Spacious seating in the basement with the most wonderous decor. Payments are pre-stored on a temporary card issued at the entrance which you pay at the cashier before leaving. 1 way in- 1 way out. Can’t bring in any drinks from outside too.