Western 🥨🍝🥗

Western 🥨🍝🥗

Featuring Marché Mövenpick ([email protected]), Winestone, Brotzeit (Westgate), Route 65 Bar + Kitchen (Suntec City), Brotzeit (Raffles City), Brotzeit (Katong), Saizeriya (Hillion Mall)
Istayne  Peh
Istayne Peh

[Takeaway] Balanced diet of meat, carbs and fibre
Texture-wise slightly mushy apart from the sausages. Not too much sawing required if you’re feeding kids!

The dish gets alittle dry/ salty the more you eat- good to share it with another.


The pork knuckle was juicier with a larger cut of 🥩 compared with those of the rosti. It was quite a pleasant surprise to find that the burger 🍔 had an interesting combination of flavours not commonly found in most Singaporean foods.


Crispy crackling skin atop a chewy jelly layer between and juicy meat underneath. The skin layer is thicker than the knuckle from Brotzeit and meat more moist. Somehow the seasoning tastes little soy-sauce-like.

Knuckle needs to be eaten with other foods to balance its saltier side.

Comes with a glass of orange juice 🍊 and a cup of coffee ☕️ - you won’t be thirsty

The rosti is usually the booth with the longest queue, with the cook juggling 5-6 pans sizzling with machine-shredded potatoes at any one time, oil spraying onto the wall of unpeeled potatoes whenever the rosti is flipped. Self-service of condiments, spring onions, lemon wedges and utensils 3 steps away.

Spacious seating in the basement with the most wonderous decor. Payments are pre-stored on a temporary card issued at the entrance which you pay at the cashier before leaving. 1 way in- 1 way out. Can’t bring in any drinks from outside too.

Fresh seafood with generous amounts of tangy tomato base sauce. Mix-&-match choice of fusilli or spaghetti, cream or tomato base, add-on ingredients.

Found the pasta alittle harder/drier than desired this time. Flavour profile of the sauce is strong (broth seems somewhat fishy)

Chose it because it had a recommendation symbol on the Menu (damage to wallet: $7.90)

Housed at the periphery of Hillion mall with the entrance of the storefront facing the MRT with lots of sitting booths
Order through a QR code
Spotted a mosquito flitting around while I was waiting for the food to arrive
Free flow of plain water 💦

Didn’t blow me out of the water
Would have liked it better if they found a pasta sauce that could coat the ingredients better. The current gravy tastes a little like minestrone soup. 🥫Portion of seafood substantial for the price.
Great place for hungry teenagers 🐥

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Available for Takeaway without service charge (but GST included)
Great if you enjoy charred salted rösti carbs and roasted crispy pork knuckle meats with some fibre in Kale. Radish shreds and mustard nicely packed in round sauce tubs.

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Pizza was okay for a Domino’s Pizza fan like me

The braised beef almost melted-in-the-mouth, sauce was rich, rather heavy on the garlic but on the salty end of the spectrum which made it more filling.

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Great ambience with excellent service 🥂

Cataplana ($39.80)
Roasted Cod Fillet ($39.80)
Mushroom Truffle Risotto ($23)
Napoletana Penne ($22)

Seafood and cod were juicy with crispy cod skin, yum! Skip the penne unless you’re vegetarian 🥗

The waiter kindly informed us to join a free lifetime membership with Novotel (a French hotel-chain which this restaurant was a part of) which allows you to redeem a free dessert per person 🍰

1-for-1 Mains Burpple Deal
Easy reservation online, location rather accessible (10min walk from Stevens MRT), free parking after 5pm. Sadly, we arrived <10mins before 5pm for our reservation and paid $6+ for 2 hours parking.

Excellent service with waiters checking in on the refill of water and replacement of clean plates whenever there were new dishes served and serving plates still filled.

Seafood in the Cataplana was fresh and sauce/ bisque flavourful, but the portions were rather small for us so be ready to order more than 1 dish for a fuller meal (1-for-1 only applies per headcount)

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