A REMINDER, don't forget that hotpot soup is chargeable.

And it's the restaurant's right to restrict, but they stick to the rule of 2 person being able to claim one burpple deal (so instead of choosing seafood platter and meatball platter, we only went for the seafood platter)

The seafood platter:
2 scallops 5 lala 3 mussels 3 prawns
No issue with freshness, knowing prawns, I'm 100% sure they're fresh, and having eaten the others, I think they are too.

Soup base (herbal half, laksa half) 15++
Seafood platter (2 for the price of 1, burpple deal) 30++

It seems almost insane that it's priced like that, call me a country bumpkin but is seafood so damn expensive that it's 30++

The hotpot soups is decent. The laksa meets my expectations, not unnecessarily coconut heavy nor was the flavour held back. The herbal soup was lighter and a good contrast, it does its best to look legit with the various herbs and roots, but starts becoming bitter at the end of the meal (nothing wrong with that in my opinion).
I am not sure if the soup can be topped up, the meal was not so long that it became necessary to check (at 15++ I hope that diners can get free top ups).

Food quality is good, but I conclude that without burpple, it's not worth your time and money (maybe even with burpple it's not worth it...).

Deal was 20 skewers free 20 skewers, so a total of 40.
I think that option would fit a group gathering where every has a few bites while catching up.
Food was good, a little too much for 2 person.
Receipt attached for others to check the prices.

Originally thought the drink was a free drink bundled (like soda tap) but apparently you have to order an alcoholic drink in addition to the shabu. Come on... At least state alcohol in the deals (instead of "+drink").
That’s a little disappointing because I don’t really drink alcohol. And that it’s going to make the price much higher.
For the shabu, it was underwhelming, if not bad. The meats looked good, but was nothing to write home about. Honestly disappointing that the meats could not impress me, especially for a hotpot.
The only positive was the yuzu dipping sauce, and that’s saying a lot when a hotpot meal needs a sauce to prop it up.
Would not recommend, unless you really like the alcoholic drinks here.
Price was 46.33 after burpple 1 for 1.

Had teriyaki burger, and fried chicken burger. Chicken patties were tough, likely breasts portions,
Ordered sides loaded fries, and onion rings. Both felt more impressive.
Worth it with burpple beyond 1 for 1, without… I’m inclined to say no

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Food was decent both main course were the baby back ribs, with fries and coleslaw, might be a tad underwhelming considering the price point (32 before gst and svc charge).
Ordered via QR code.
Good ambience.

Always forget about the price not including gst and service charge on the menu.
With burpple beyond 1 for 1, I guess it is barely acceptable. Otherwise I might be hesitant...(After some time has passed, I'd actually give a firm NO if there's no burpple beyond)

Ordered the burpple deal: 1 for 1 pizzas.
Had a shrimp marinara pizza (18.90 b4 gst) and smoked duck pizza (19.90 b4 gst)
Pizza was decent nothing to rave about though.
Pizza base was thin and crunchy, maybe a little too crunchy.
Weekend EPL match was shown on screen for the smaller indoor dining area.
Quite a lot of diners even when it was raining.
Probably worth it with the burpple deal.

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Only burpple deals 🤗

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