Things from China(not bought from sijiake) or had in china
The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

Tastes quite legit, there's bite and there's Broth but it's lacking something. Squid was different, might be konjac or sth. Chili was quite good, very spicy

Overall a passable school rendition, not much wok hei unfortunately

Snack, the peanut has a crunchy shell. The taste wasn't too strong so it's average.

This was actually from 五角场 shop, but it's not available on Google

This is their signature cake, and truly for good reason. It's mindblowingly good, esp if you shove the entire thing in your mouth and let the flavours explode. There's great umami from the seaweed and pork floss which makes me think of dried scallops, which is boosted to the Nth degree by the mayo. Then you have the mild sweetness of the cake coming through

It's really no surprise why baoshifu is everywhere nowadays, the only real problem is finding a real shop since I've heard fake ones are abound

Their peanuts are not heavily roasted, but there's this very mild unique taste which is different from anything you can find here

Bloody good, same as the walnuts it's got the unique super strong roasted taste

update: i learnt what that unique taste was. It's roasted walnut flavouring. No wonder so many of their nuts have the same flavour

This is found in some Mongolian food shop in Shanghai, kind of like donki or sijiake

This was absolutely phenomenal. It had a strong milk aroma, and texture was perfectly chewy, not overly so, and the dried fruits worked blissfully well w the milk. Due to the chewiness of the milk you keep getting more and more dried fruit hints as you chew and it lingers in your mouth

Tbh I don't think it's supposed to be like this, this was hard and so you don't even taste the layers


Thicker than the Sunkist? Individually wrapped ones here, and 2 in a pack. Plus it's much cheaper

Nothing to hate

Holy hell this was good, it's got the very unique strong roasted aroma particular to nuts sold in China, idk how they do it but I doubt it's just by roasting, they probably add other stuff

4 pcs
Not particularly good, the powdery oily texture is not for everyone, it's passable overall

The Nougat was fine but the nuts were soft, not crunchy anymore, that really makes it pedestrian

Really tiny, each one is about 70cals only

It's got this very nostalgic sweet aroma of this particular ice cream I had in china, but then there's this additional sweetness that's the "pudding aspect" I guess.

Decent, not particularly good, but the taste is really unique and so worth a try

Only the most annoyingly accurate, the most painfully truthful reviews.

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