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Bread Dinosaur
Bread Dinosaur

🌹A Little Red Flower For You series
📍LiHO TEA (@lihosg)
📌 Multiple outlets
💰 $5.60 / $6.60
🎁 Media Invite

LiHO TEA has launched its new flower series, featuring two drinks topped with a stenciled flower 🌹

The two drinks are Little Red Flower, containing double chocolate milk, and Little Yellow Flower, containing Da Hong Pao Oat Latte. Both drinks are topped with a delicious coconut macchiato, which has the light aroma of coconut and a nice creamy texture!

If you prefer something richer, go for the Little Red Flower, whereas the Little Yellow Flower is more refreshing and lighter on the tastebuds.

Plus, each drink comes with a cupsleeve. When you get the cupsleeve with the characters 喜至福来, you can bring it back and get a free upsize on this series only!

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🥛Babyccino ($4++)
The cheapest drink available on the menu and my friend got it because getting a drink was compulsory… it’s literally just foamed milk in a shot glass. Cute but insanely overpriced😩

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🍵 Matcha ($7.50++)
This is really good, strong matcha taste and a fragrant milkiness to it! Not too sweet either. However the price is really steep.

🍫 Sea Salt Chocolate ($7.50++)
When they name this sea salt chocolate, they mean it. Its like a chocolate drink but its liberally salted, not too salty but it may be a little acquired for some.

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LiHO has brought back its fan favourite coconut series, AND has introduced two new drinks: Lychee Rose Coconut Slush and Snow Mountain Double Chocolate Milk! Plus, myLiHOTEA members can enjoy a Buy 2 Get Free 1 deal everyday! I got to try their new creations, and here are my thoughts.

🌹Lychee Rose Coconut Slush
This drink comes with coconut noodles within, and unlike the other drinks that are creamy and thick, this one is liquidy and translucent. I got this at 50% sugar, of which I found it too sweet. It had a nice fruitiness and a strong lychee rose flavour, but I would definitely recommend getting a lower sugar level due to the sweetness. It’s more suitable for those who enjoy coconut water, I feel!

🍫 Snow Mountain Double Chocolate Milk
As the name states, this drink contains chocolate milk, while the snow mountain aspect refers to the whipped cream on top. The chocolate milk is super rich and chocolatey, more so than store-bought chocolate milk.

Talented eater Instagram: @breadinosaur

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