Land of Rising Sun

Land of Rising Sun

Oishi ne? Savour with all the delicious Japanese cuisine from Japan with me.
Khaw Han Chung
Khaw Han Chung

If you are visiting KL soon, then you definitely don’t want to miss out this new mall that just a short walk from Bukit Bintang. Or simply taking the train to Tun Razak Exchange MRT Station.

Here you will find lots of eateries including this coffee shop originated from California. Their KL outlet will be their first oversea venture as they looking into expanding their business in Southeast Asia.

Decorated in a dark minimalist interior, there’s some comfortable seatings around the shop.

Pretty strong for the coffee taste even for their latte, and of course you can opt for oat milk as alternative milk as well.

For those who familiar with the eateries around Chinatown, you should know that there’s a Nasi Padang shop at People’s Park Centre that located just beside the overhead bridge connected to Chinatown Point.

Few years back around 2022 this Nasi Padang shop has been take over by a new owner, which originated started at Everton Park.

Interestingly after so few years even without any signage, this place still attracting lots of lunch crowd. Which usually very hard to find a seats during this period but the staff is very helpful by getting and securing a seat for you, even for groups as well.

Although there’s no signage, but you can easily identify the name of the shop by looking at the staff’s t-shirt that bear the shop name: Kreta Lembu.

Specialise for their Malay cuisine as such the Nasi Padang, which you choose what are the dishes you want to add to your rice.

Their curry chicken is a must and usually comes in huge size of meat. Then your rice will pour with overwhelming curry. If you love spicy, then you definitely must add their chili sauce also.

Xiang Kee Yu Yuan Mian Tang is one of the stall that usually attracts queue during lunch time. The alternative noodle stall where the rest not open.

I went for their fishball kway teow noodle soup. Comes with fishballs, minced meat, mushroom, pork lard and pork liver.

Wonderful bowl of soup with all the ingredients.

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Finally come to the end of my 2 weeks Japan and conclude my meal here with something healthy.

Vegetarian restaurants are definitely on the rise specifically in Tokyo, and Ain Soph is one of the name that you would find when searching for meatless foods here.

Ain Soph has a few outlets so you could find them easily, with one just located at Shinjuku.

The green curry is Ain Soph’s style of saag paneer made with spinach and spices, serving with brown rice and salad.

It is a very simple meal, so I would recommend you to add on cutlet made from wheat soy.

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This place at Shinjuku is one of the popular spot for some pretty decent shaved ice you can find.

茶寮 億万 はなれ may be very hard to find as they are located at the basement of the building with no visible signage. So you may have to use Google Map to find the exact location and look for the correct lift with the directory showing the shop’s signage.

They have a few options of shaved ice in different toppings. I definitely would go with their matcha flavours. The shaved ice is really soft and melt immediately in your mouth. Mix the shaved ice with the matcha, red bean or milk to enjoy the taste.

There’s also a piece of jelly inside it.

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維新號 has a long history as a Chinese restaurant in Tokyo, with their main outlet at Ginza.

You would see all the waiters here are elder generation, and even the customers here mostly the older people as well.

Their lunch menu is very popular here, which come in as a set like mine. Many people love their big meat bao which stuffed with juicy pork meat inside.

The soup noodle is very simple but tasty. I would say it is a very interesting place to enjoy Chinese foods here.

You should have seen many reviews about this Truffle Bakery in Tokyo, which is very popular for their truffle bun. They even limited to only 2 pieces allowed for each transaction.

They have a few outlets and I went to their outlet at Hiroo. The bun was so soft and fluffy, I would really fall in love with the truffle taste.

Well you can’t visit Japan without trying the conveyer belt sushi in Tokyo.

So I have the chance to visit one of the sushi chain called the Sushitsune 廻り寿し at Parco Shibuya.

Unfortunately due to the last incident, most of the conveyer belt sushi chain here no longer operating their conveyor belt for hygiene concern. Hence, they have to deliver the sushi to your table in person instead.

Which is very sad actually as I feel like something has missing from the experience. But thankfully I still able to enjoy the sushi.

I gotten the tuna, salmon and prawn, which all of them tasted fresh.

Cat Street is one of the well-known street at Shibuya that you can find mostly the boutique dedicated to youth fashion.

Along this street, there’s is this shop that I really recommend you to take rest stop and enjoy refreshing drink.

Iyoshi Cola 伊良コーラ is the first craft cola maker and specialty store in the world. Yes they served craft cola here, which is something new to most of us.

The Dreamy Flavor is the most popular drink here, made from kola nut, vanilla cinnamon, citrus fruits and spices.

It taste so refreshing and comforting with the cola taste with spices. A perfect rest stop in Shibuya in between your walk.

Toraya トラヤあんスタンド is famous for their red bean paste items, and at their cafe you would get to try on some of their signature snack like this An-Bun, exclusively available at their outlet in Shibuya.

The An-Bun is basically topped with brown sugar and maple syrup, sandwiched between this warm, soft and slightly chewy steamed bun.

Pair well with a cup of hojicha roasted tea if you order the set.

Walking around Shibuya and you might come across this shop without any clear signage in front. Yet you still see a constant long queue in front of it!

Yes, this is one of the popular place in Shibuya where many people would drop by to grab some donuts.

I’m donut ? offers quite an extensive selections of flavours you can find here, do come early as they tend to sold out prefer fast.

Their signature doughnuts which literally the name of the shop is just coated with sugar.

I really enjoy the soft texture and fluffy of each pieces I got.

Shibuya is famous for their crossing but of course you are also here for some things to try on as well.

Hidden at one of the street in this area, you would see many people would enter this shop to grab some matcha ice cream.

Nanaya ななや served one of the finest matcha ice cream you can find in Tokyo, which they offer a total of 7 levels intensively taste you can get.

Of course their level 7 is the most highest and popular as well, which you really get the strong taste of matcha in every bites.

Distance never stop me from hunting for good foods around the world.

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