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Nasi Lemak | $5.80 Chicken thigh set with additional fish fillet. Set comes with chicken thigh, vegetable and a fried egg. Do love their chilli and the sambal that was fried with the brinjal. The downside was that most of the food served are all fried with sambal. However rice was really fragrant and chilli was extremely good. 6.5/10
Fantastic and Affordable Nasi Lemak Famous Nasi Lemak from Holland Village. For an affordable price of $3.50, you get a fried chicken wing, acar, a fried egg, ikan bilis with peanuts, sambal, cucumber and of course the Nasi Lemak rice. Although the rice wasn't extremely coconutty in terms of flavour, but it was decent enough to know that it was coconut rice, and the general fluffiness and fragrance was there. For a modest price of $3.50 this is a very complete set, the chicken crisp outside, juicy inside, acar tasted sweet, sour, and a little spicy. Sambal could have been a bit better (in terms of having more of a spicy kick, it's more to the sweeter side), and well the fried egg had a semi runny yolk (don't expect this all the time, I don't think they are very consistent with cooking fried sunny side up eggs with a runny yolk). Overall, thumbs up!! Rate 4.5/5!
Good Enough Nasi Lemak This nasi lemak stall has been here since the beginning of times and the star is really in the sambal. I particularly like the Long beans with sambal because they are cooked so well. Elsewhere they are either overcooked , too greasy or worst still, undercooked . Given that the really good nasi lemak stalls are in the Far East of Singapore , this location at holland is perfect for a west- tee like me. Since my last try , the rice quality has improved quite a bit - they used to use rice that was so poor in quality , it tasted like plastic . The rice is now featherlight and has a soft coconut aroma. Having said that - I kept coming back because of the yummy condiments that they serve and that they are open throughout the day so there is no fuss about rushing in early to get my nasi lemak fix.
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Waffles with Butterscotch Pecan & Coconut Ice Cream Perfectly round, generous scoops reposed on a waffle is what hump day dreams are made of <3 ($11.60) The ice cream here is really a labor of love; it has a homemade feel to it. The butterscotch pecan is one of their weekly specials and it was amazing; that rich, savory brown butter flavor with just a hint of saltiness. It was creamy and studded with huge pecan chunks, providing that lovely contrast in texture. The coconut too, had shreds of actual coconut flesh in it and the whiff of coconut aftertaste was pretty strong. It was a little too icy for my taste though, especially paired with the waffle. The waffle was freshly made to order, and crisp enough. However, I felt that it was missing that fluffy interior and flavor that make other ice cream parlors' waffles superior. Still, it made a good pairing with the ice cream. Not the best plate of ice cream and waffles out there. But still, A for effort and the comfortable, homely little cafe and ambience. :) 7.5/10
Kookie Monster Kookie Monster ($3.80) is one of top 10 favourite ice cream at The Daily Scoop. So I decided to try on top 10 ice cream first and my personal preferences usually head towards matcha, chocolate, tea-based and not really a fan of special or unique taste for ice cream. Kookie Monster filled with dark chocolate ice cream mixed with a lot of cookie bites. Good for people like mixture of cookies + chocolate.
Lychee Martini Ice Cream + Waffles I honestly think $7.80 is one of the best price for a nicely done waffles and a single scoop ice cream. Was worried that waffles might be too heavy so opted for a lighter ice cream! The lychee martini ice cream was refreshing and light 😌 Their waffles are reallyyy good - warm, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Fantastic dessert
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teh tarik ice cream first time at island creamery, my teenage years have been a lie. it was honestly quite enjoyable as the flavour was not too strong, but i prefer daily scoop!
Reverso + Teh Tarik The reverso chocolate flavour was awesome, dark enough and not too sweet with nice mix of brownie 😋 The teh tarik flavour was a nice companion to the reverso chocolate as it provided some "lightness" and cleaned the palate for another bite of chocolate. Great combination imo! Rating: 4.5/5
Mudpie Is Love - Go To Place For Mud Pies! Mud Pie Cost: $5.90 Description: The mud pie contains chocolate, cookies and cream, burnt caramel ice cream with Oreo cookie crumbs Service: efficient and helpful service staff who willingly helped to take photos for us Ambience: Some might find the shop’s interior rather small and a little narrow but I suppose this adds to the cosy vibes of the place. As it’s a small shop, you might not be able to get seats inside. My friends and I had to sit outside which was not too bad either as they had ceiling fans! Personal take: I personally love this mud pie so much! Brought my friends here to celebrate a friend’s birthday and they were amazed by how good it was too. Island creamery is definitely my go to place for mud pies. If ever you are craving a dessert that is cake-like and yet icecream-ish, then get the mud pie. It is a perfect blend of neutral old school flavors that many will love and the cookie crumbs and chocolate borders provide a good texture contrast to the inner ice cream core. 4 of us shared this mud pie, which was just enough for us. But I definitely can wallop one whole mud pie on my own :)
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