Previously being Ohara Farm Hokkaido Soft Ice-Cream at Esplanade, the ice-cream kiosk that is situated across No Signboard Seafood at Esplanade — Theatres on the Bay had since been re-branded as Levaro Gelato; the folks had underwent training at Le Varo in Japan, an Italian restaurant located in Sapporo that serves up gelato and pasta. Being a takeaway kiosk, Levaro Gelato here serves their gelato in either cup or cone options, offering quite a good variety of flavours including Cantaloupe Melon, Royal Milk Tea and Sungold Kiwi Sorbet amongst others.

Opting for our scoops of Sungold Kiwi Sorbet and Pistachio & Cream Cheese to be served as a double scoop order in a cup, we were actually pretty surprised by how the Sungold Kiwi Sorbet went; whilst the zippy notes of the Kiwi started off rather mild, the flavours slowly spreads around the taste buds and provides quite a kick — a flavour that would work well for those who love their sour deserts. Despite being so, we enjoyed how this flavour came with a clean finish. Pistachio & Cream Cheese was another flavour which got us very intrigued considering the rather adventurous flavour combination — liked how the nutty notes of the pistachio went so well with the slight saltish notes of the cream cheese; both of them being well-balanced without being particularly heavy on the palate.

Have always passed off the kiosks around this stretch as a tourist trap but I was actually really impressed with the gelato that Levaro Gelato serves — unique flavours that actually work; more than just simply a sweet treat for a respite from the sweltering heat whilst walking down the bay. Would definitely keep them in mind if I were to walk down the area again looking for something cool to enjoy under the sun.

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