Indulge in the majestic and heavenly Majestic Musang King Durian Cake - a true delight for durian lovers!

Sourced from the pristine Pahang Raub Highland and 100% organically grown from trees aged 40 years old and above, this cake offers the pure bliss of premium Mao Shan Wang. Each bite unveils the creaminess of the king of fruits, complemented perfectly by the richness of Valrhona white chocolate or the lusciousness of charcoal cream, garnished with edible gold flakes for that extra touch of luxury.

With two enticing colors to choose from - Charcoal and Ivory - you can pick your favorite aesthetic while savoring the heavenly flavors. And don't miss out on the special promotional prices, available until 31 August 2023 - 500g for $66 (U.P. $75) or 1kg for $92 (U.P. $108).

Treat yourself to the regal essence of Majestic Musang King Durian Cake, and let your taste buds experience royalty like never before! Hurry and grab this delightful indulgence while the offer lasts!

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