Headed down to Hana to try their Omakase ($58++/pax) which came with:
1. Chilled Japanese women with Sakura ebi
2. Shisamo salad
3. Assorted sashimi
4. Grilled lobster with mentaiko
5. Battered Hiroshima oyster
6. Beef tenderloin with garlic chips
7. Ikura & tobiko sushi
8. Unagi sushi with tanuki
9. Yellowtail sushi with truffle kombu
10. Caramelised salmon sushi
11. Truffle chawanmushi
12. Kisu tempura donburi
13. Miso soup
14. Dessert

The sashimi and sushi were very fresh. The sushi were excellent - the addition of tanuki (Japanese breadcrumbs), truffle kombu and aburi char elevated the texture and flavour of each sushi. The torched mentaiko went well with the lobster and the combination was full of umami. The deep fried oyster was soft, plump and not fishy at all. The beef tenderloin cubes were served medium, tender and juicy. The silky chawanmushi was thoroughly infused with fragrance of truffle.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from a relatively cheap Omakase but this exceeded my expectations. The food was solid and quite a number of dishes turned out to be a delightful. The portion of each dish was small but they definitely add up. What a pleasant surprise!