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For 1-for-1 Buffet (~save $60) Meat lovers, jot this one down! This meat-centric Buffet (from $42) housed in Park Hotel Alexandra serves up superb roasts in a comfy setting. While there isn't a wide variety, the salt-grilled Ana Paula Black Angus Ribeye and the succulent Spit-Roasted Chicken with Truffle are sure to satisfy. Also good is the Seafood Medley, comprising fresh prawns and squid in a tasty broth. Photo by Burppler SG Food On Foot
Beef (Dry-Aged, Slow Roasted) Finally had some time for a longer lunch, and decided to head to The Carvery to try the meat buffet. The beef and lamb was fabulous! They even had different types of sea salt that would go with the meats - charcoal, red lava sea salt, mixed spices sea salt. Personally, I liked the mixed spices sea salt the best - it went very well with the beef and gave it more texture and flavour. The service staff were prompt and alert to ensure my water was topped up; they took the time to speak with me - asking if I’ve tried their carving station and even explained how that they dry-aged their beef for approximately 2 weeks before they slow roast it, then roast it in their charcoal oven. In addition, they had 2 types of goat cheeses, which is rare for any restaurants or buffets. It may not be everyone’s top choice but I loved it So thumbs up on this! Their pork knuckle is usually for dinners; and on weekends, they would have 2 different types of beef available. This probably explains the difference in the buffet price. A buffet for the meat lovers!
They were not kidding when they said that their rotasserie chicken is their specialty. The meat was really tender and juicy, and didn't need any sauce to go with it. Rather than the variety, their quantity do shine for certain dishes such as their wood fire pizzas and bread pudding. Worth it if you get the 1 for 1 @chopesg voucher for about $50!
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Grilled Iberico Pork Chop ($26++) This is one of Vineyard’s signature mains. Pork is very tender despite the size. Sauce (winner of the dish) is on the herby side which I like a lot - could be a bit salty but manageable. It’s served with roasted potato and veggies. Place is secluded and good for quiet dates with a nature view :)
Aileen Marie
Grilled Iberico Pork Chop ($26) 250g Bone in Pork Chop, Cajun Roasted Potatoes, Roasted Vegetables, Mustard Brown Sauce. Pork chop was nicely seasoned and well cooked. Every bite of the meat was flavourful and not too tough. Potatoes was mildly flavoured. Roasted vegetables consisted of carrots and zucchini. Carrots were crunchy and the zucchini was tender. Mustard Brown sauce tasted similar to black pepper sauce. Overall really like this dish and would recommend it. I also ordered the Crispy Battered Mushroom ($10) served with Garlic Aioli and Truffle Mushroom Alfedo Pasta ($20). The batter of the mushroom were crispy throughout and didn't turn soggy. Mushrooms were unseasoned, only giving off its natural umaminess. The aioli somehow tasted more like mayonnaise to me. Overall found this dish so-so. Pasta was Linguine Pasta cooked in Truffle Mushroom Cream Sauce with Medley Mushroom, Onsen Egg, Shaved Parmesan. Pasta was slightly on the harder side which I prefer. Mushroom was ok. Truffle was detectable. The dish gave me a home-y feel because of the rich, warm creamy sauce. However it became a little overwhelming at the end because of the creaminess. Overall I think it would be better to share this dish.
Grilled Iberico Pork Chop One of their signature main course, serving with 250g bone in pork chop, cajun roasted potato, roasted vegetable and mustard brown sauce.
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The Most Value For Money Fresh Sashimi The first word I muttered upon digging into a piece of scallop was "OMGGG wow!!". I had been looking for a place where I could customise my own liking of sashimi instead of just any other assorted plate. The sashimi here is freshly prepared and each piece glides down your throat like a piece of marble. I wondered why it even took me so long to come here so it's my duty to promote this gem of a place to others. Just make the trip down; you won't regret it I promise!
Tendon from Fish Mart Sakuraya! This came with miso soup, as part of their lunch set. Their tendon had unconventional ingredients like capsicum, leek and sweet potato (as compared to carrots, eggplant and shiitake mushrooms, which I see more frequently)! Not the best tendon, but the batter was crispy. Price: $14 #halfeatenblog #fishmartsakuraya #tendon #Japanese #burpple
sakura 👏🏻 mochi 👏🏻🤧🌸🍡💕 * i’ve been wanting to try these for the longest time but haven’t since they were p rare in singapore but i found these babies today so you bet i snatched them real quick uwu. * “the leaf can eat?” i got this question twice consecutively by my mom & sis lol and the answer is yes that leaf CAN be eaten! * so what did this pretty thing tasted like? i liked it actually (didn’t expect myself to 😂). the pink part had a glutinous rice texture (was expecting it to taste like mochi + rice but it’s ok i like glutinous rice too) and when eaten together with the green leaf, the sakura mochi had a mildly floral scent that i liked! so basically the leaf was actually yummy. (wait. why is it called mochi if there’s no mochi...) * there was also red beans packed into the mochi, and the amount in it was quite generous, there was red bean in every mouthful of mochi. the red bean wasn’t too sweet so when eaten as a whole, the experience was really pleasant 😚 * now i can’t wait to try the authentic version when i fly to japan in december 😌 SO EXCITED AHHH
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Sour Plum Mojito ($18++). The stylish Aqualuna of Park Hotel Alexandra actually serves affordable cocktails and bar snacks that is also open to public. I could totally imagine myself swimming in the pool while occasionally stopping by the side to sip on these cocktails or munch on their cauliflower chips.. Or parking myself here while wifey does her Ikea shopping next door. 🔸 This is taken during a tasting.
It's Fridayyyyy! Time to unwind plssss! 🙋🏻 This hidden gem offers a quiet bar to meet your drinking quota as well as decent bar food! Overlooking the swimming pool and the quaint neighbourhood, the reason why this place makes an awesome hangout is the semi-open air (love the smell of fresh air). Definitely makes a good chillout and it's conducive for chatting too. Now you know! . #parkhotelalexandra #parkhotel #sixthsensepr #tgif
Stuck for ideas for Valentine’s Day? Pop in at Aqua Luna at Park Hotel Alexandra and sip on their Valentine’s Day cocktails ($19.99++ per set) by the pool on 13th & 14th January. For him… a concoction of Hendricks gin, elderflower liqueur, cucumber and a squeeze of lime. For her… Belvedere vodka, pineapple and mango juice, violette liqueur, BOLS Yogurt Liqueur and grenadine garnished with a slice of candied orange and a toasted marshmallow! I personally enjoyed the refreshing cocktail for “him”. These cocktails are complimentary if you’re indulging in the sermi-buffet Valentine’s day dinner ($188++ per couple) at The Carvery. #AquaLuna #ParkHotelAlexandra #Cocktails
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look at that chocolate lava 🤤 // had a lunch date with my mom today after i accompanied her to her office to run some errands. it was my first trip to Anchorpoint and it was a cool mall tbh, there were so many nice shops like Ma Maison, TCC, Duke Bakery & All the Batter!! there was a real cool japanese mart too 👍🏻 but anyways,, for lunch we shared a crayfish & scallop baked rice, croquettes & a chocolate lava cake! the baked rice used risotto rice and it was a refreshing concept! i thought the crayfish were mini prawns lmao #onebraincell the seafood were juicy but honestly this baked rice wasn’t my fav. / the croquettes were good tho, it had whole corns in them and were served with a tangy dipping sauce! mayhaps it’s because i love croquettes and anything citrusy lol but i loved this one! it wasn’t too oily too. / as for the lava cake, it was super rich & chocolaty, momsie & i were like “MMMMMMM” during the first few bites but i lowkey got a little sick of it towards the end... the batter tasted a little too doughy after a few bites. i wish the ice cream wasn’t vanilla flavoured, i dislike most vanilla ice creams bc they taste artificial and weird (i’ve had good vanilla ice cream tho but those are super rare) and TCC’s tasted a little artificial too ☹️ i ate some anyway bc it feels good to pair cold with hot when having desserts lol / i also ordered a caffeine-free melon & mangosteen tea and it came with a cookie!!!! (which was good btw it was so buttery 😍) the tea itself was fruity & floral with a unique scent (since i’ve never had mangosteen tea before) some other things in the teabag: marigold, rosehip, apple... & a few other things but again i have one brain cell so that was all i can remember. my mom got a peanut hazelnut chocolate latte which was sweet, comforting and full of texture but she said it made her feel sick halfway through the cup 🤷🏻‍♀️ probably from the huge amounts of sugar in it but well it tasted yum. / it felt nice going back to TCC after a long while as my mom & i used to frequent there after my hospital appointments a few years ago (at another outlet) and i felt like i relieved some nice memories hehe.
Mentaiko Chicken Burger [$18.80] So glad that we chose to get this even though it wasn't a best seller or one of those items that are specially "badged" on a menu. We were pleasantly surprised by the thickness and juiciness of the patty coupled with just enough mentaiko sauce to make it a delightful dish. The truffle fries were also a welcome additional unlike the normal ones we usually have elsewhere. 😋
Pan seared salmon with Moro miso ($26). Pan seared salmon fillet served with seaweed mashed potatoes, garden vegetables and red miso sauce.
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