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This plate was certainly FISHing for compliments! 😍😍😍 Sorry but my photos really don’t do justice to this Signature Salt Baked Whole Sea Bass ($32.80). 🐟🐟🐟 You probably have no idea how MASSIVE this fish was - about 13 inches? Their whole fishes all weigh in between 800g to 1kg, so you are guaranteed a plump & meaty fish every time! 👏🏻 . Chef Joel shared that their sea bass is sourced from a local seawater farm in the waters of Pulau Ubin that doesn’t use any antibiotics or chemical additives, so you can safely eat with a peace of mind! 💯💯💯 Fresh batches of fish are delivered within hours of harvest to ensure optimum freshness, so when they say FRESH CATCH OF THE DAY, they are not kidding you! 👌🏻 . With quality & freshness of the fish taken care of, it is more than half the battle won. ✔ This version is baked in salt to highlight the freshness & natural sweetness of the fish, just like what you see at Bangkok night markets! 🇹🇭 Besides helping in even cooking from head to tail due to even heat distribution, the salt layer also helps to seal the flavours & juices of the flesh 😋😋😋, yielding an incredibly moist & succulent flesh beneath that crusty skin (which you should not attempt to eat just like me! 😂) . Despite not having additional seasoning, the natural sweetness of the thick & tender flesh is enough to pull it off 💕, which is enhanced after inheriting the fragrance of lemongrass sticks & basil leaves stuffed within. The freshness of the fish is apparent as there is no fishy smell or taste at all. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Especially when paired with Chef’s special Thai-style chilli sauce, this dish was really FISHing good! 🤤 . All you need are simple ingredients & seasoning when you have such quality ingredients. 👌🏻 They also offer other cooking methods such as Teochew Sautéed Fillet ($21.80) cooked with fermented soya bean sauce & ginger. ⭐ Alternatively you can choose to have your sea bass steamed in superior soy sauce, spicy lime, crispy with red curry sauce, or Thai-style assam. 🌶 Priced at $32.80 for a whole BIG fish or $18.80 for sliced fish, this is pretty worth it & good for sharing! ❤
Red Ruby Coconut Panna Cotta ($5.40) The Red Ruby Coconut Panna Cotta really suited my tastebuds and was not overly sweet like those that you usually find at Thai eateries.
Brandy White Fish Soup ($11.80) Fresh, sweet and flavourful, this bowl of soup is so heartening that you wouldn’t want to share it!
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Roast Meats Saw a crowd during lunch before, so we had to come back to try, of course! Our default roast meat stall near the office is 88 Hong Kong, so the char siew and sio bak here had big shoes to fill; they were not bad, but nowhere near our accustomed standard. The chicken was so-so but the tender and tasty duck fared much better. Noodles aren't the super q Hong Kong-style either, which I personally prefer. I'd say it's a good enough lunch option in the area, but I wouldn't go out of our way to come here again. Price: from $3 for Char Siew/Sio Bak Rice and Wanton/Dumpling Noodle/ Soup
Late Night Dinner Late Saturday night date w mommy, which reminded me of the times where she would take leave from work to accompany during exams in pri school. She insisted on shopping before dinner. Good thing I ate a froyo while she was shopping. They are so efficient here that the food is served almost immediately after ordering. We got a claypot ee mee and a wolfberry egg drop soup. The claypot was filled with lots of liao! Love the bite of the wolfberry vege. They usu put this vege in ban mian in the past, but no one does it anymore.. 😢 #hawkerpedia
Roast Pork + Roast Duck Rice Had been wanting to try this stall ever since my mum started raving on how good the roast here is. Roast Pork was actually pretty good; savoury with smoky flavours and a really crispy skin. Roast Duck was equally good as it is flavourful, with crisp skin with its juiciness kept. Worth eating if in the area.
Xing Wei
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Lunch Set: Spring onion Fish Slice Rice $6.20 Quite excited initially to try their lunch set (their outlet in the Timbre +) as we think normally the dishes at XLX are catered to group diners. ($$$$) The spring onion fish slice rice $ 6.20 tastes alright with many ingredients (fish slices, ginger, carrot, onion with oyster sauce base). However, we find the main dish got an over-powering fishy smell going on and as such not manage to finish it. 🤔 The sides come in 2 bowls (curry veg & omelette pumpkin). Maybe skip the fish dish in this case.
If you don't feel like cooking and you don't feel like going out for a meal, there's always food delivery for you and your loved ones. Stay warm with Xin Long Xing's home-cooked food with over fifty zichar and seafood dishes to choose from! We’ve tried lemongrass pork ribs, wine lala and Signature prawn cake. The pork ribs were meaty and accompanied by the aroma of lemongrass and chilli padi. My mum disliked having lala. But, she is good with wine lala soup from Xin Long Xing. She has noted that there were lots of ginger slices and wine so no gamey taste. The Signature prawn cake may be a little oily but it tasted good with the sweet sauce. . . There is a minimum order of S$38 and they deliver to anywhere on the island. . . Lemongrass Pork Ribs (Small - S$18.80, Large-S$28.80), Stone Pot Wine Lala (Small - S$18.80, Large-S$28.80), Xin Long Xing Prawn Cake at S$15.80. . Where to order? Xin Long Xing Online:
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