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From the Burpple community

Saw a crowd during lunch before, so we had to come back to try, of course! Our default roast meat stall near the office is 88 Hong Kong, so the char siew and sio bak here had big shoes to fill; they were not bad, but nowhere near our accustomed standard. The chicken was so-so but the tender and tasty duck fared much better. Noodles aren't the super q Hong Kong-style either, which I personally prefer.
I'd say it's a good enough lunch option in the area, but I wouldn't go out of our way to come here again.

Price: from $3 for Char Siew/Sio Bak Rice and Wanton/Dumpling Noodle/ Soup


Late Saturday night date w mommy, which reminded me of the times where she would take leave from work to accompany during exams in pri school. She insisted on shopping before dinner. Good thing I ate a froyo while she was shopping. They are so efficient here that the food is served almost immediately after ordering. We got a claypot ee mee and a wolfberry egg drop soup. The claypot was filled with lots of liao! Love the bite of the wolfberry vege. They usu put this vege in ban mian in the past, but no one does it anymore.. 😢 #hawkerpedia


Had been wanting to try this stall ever since my mum started raving on how good the roast here is. Roast Pork was actually pretty good; savoury with smoky flavours and a really crispy skin. Roast Duck was equally good as it is flavourful, with crisp skin with its juiciness kept. Worth eating if in the area.


I can almost eat Zi char everyday. Isn't it heartwarming to be able to share dishes with your family? It's the next alternative when you can't have home cooked meals. The San bei Ji (three cup chicken) was really quite good! Very tasty and fragrant sauce. The home style tofu was quite good too. The home made tofu has so much egg, it tasted almost like steamed egg!


Although their specialty is curry fish head, decided to try today's special. Pretty good but the Assam sauce is on the sweet side, would prefer it less sweet. I prefer the Assam fish head from Casper seafood a few doors down compared to theirs.

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Although it has a fancy name, it tasted just like coffee ribs. Pork ribs with a sweet sticky coating. ☺️

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