Teo Soon Loong Restaurant 潮顺隆餐馆

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Well Known and established Teo Chew Food restaurant in Malacca are moving to the new premises.

No. 42 & 44, Jalan KPKS1
Kompleks Perniagaan Kota Syahbandar
Malacca 75200

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12:00pm - 02:30pm
06:00pm - 09:30pm

12:00pm - 02:30pm
06:00pm - 09:30pm

12:00pm - 02:30pm
06:00pm - 09:30pm

12:00pm - 02:30pm
06:00pm - 09:30pm

12:00pm - 02:30pm
06:00pm - 09:30pm

12:00pm - 02:30pm
06:00pm - 09:30pm


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From the Burpple community

The oozy orh nee comes in 3 sizes. Order 1 small orh nee (myr 10.60) for each person. At first they recommended that we share 1 small orh need for 2 people but it is simply not enough! The orh nee here is the olden days diluted type. But it is so yummy I think I can eat 3 bowls myself. The yam paste goes so well with the sweetness in the pumkin. I'm still drooling as I type this. Xoxo, wet tissue 80cents

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For myr 9.50, it's great deal for 6 pieces of good old fashion Teochew Ngo Hiang! The Ngo hiang is jam packed with seasoned minced meat and assorted vege bits for the crunch! The fluffy outer bean curd skin makes it almost irresistible! Don't forget to spam the sweet sauce! Xoxo, wet tissue 80cent (myr)

The braised stewed duck (myr 17) is served as huge chunk bite size cut. The soya sauce served with it is so good that I was scooping for the sauce directly. The mega plus for this dish is the tenderness of the meat that literally melts in your mouth! Highly recommended! Super shiok to pair with hot chrysanthemums tea (myr 2.10 per person). Xoxo, wet tissue 80c (myr)

The soft shell crab in TSL has great sentimental value for me because the first time I ever had soft shell crab was at TSL some 10+ to 20 years ago when I was a kid. This was went TSL was still located in along Jonker walk (they relocated to their current site 1 year+ ago). We ordered the small soft shell crab (myr 26.50). The others found this dish mediocre but I really loved it! However, I guess it could be better if they had an accompanying sauce for this dish because it is abit too dry. Xoxo, wet tissue myr 80cents

Ordered the M size oyster noodle (myr 19.10). The servers told us that M size for sharing for 3-5 people but it was only sufficient to portion into 4 bowls. The oyster noodle was fantastic! A must- order and highly recommended! The goodness is in the thick sauce and the fat succulent oysters! The secret weapon is likely in the pork lard bites that camouflaged so well in the dish. Xoxo, wet tissue myr 80c!!

Well braised. Must have it with a bit of vinegar which enhances it a lot.