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From the Burpple community

Php 160.00
Tokyo cafe also offers crepes and we tried their very berry. It is a crepe with bluberries, a scoop of strawberry ice cream and drizzled with starwberry syrup.
This one is a great combination of sweet, sour, and buttery flavour playing in your tastebuds every bite.


Php 165.00
Coffee jelly with scoops of vanilla and chocolate ice cream topped with whipped cream and drizzled by chocolate syrup.
The 2 scoops of ice cream over power the flavour of coffee so it like your only eating a regular ice cream with jelly. I recommend to use different ice cream flavour that will empower its bitter but sweet taste of coffee jelly.

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'Licious bevs. Iced Cafe Vienna is perfect for most of the coffee lovers out there. Iced Chocolano is an excellent pick for the chocolate lovers who are into the taste of cocoa.

The name says it all about the taste. Not as distinct as the Creamy Ebiko Pasta.

It stays true to its name. Creamy, with some spice and a distinct shrimp/crabstick taste. This one's a house fave.

Yummy chicken & cheese rolls with a tomato-based dip. Cordon Bleu's twin I should say.