Not so much a restaurant, Catchfly is an underground bar (literally) that is looking to morph into a late night supper club. If the rest of the dishes on the menu are just as good as this then I'd definitely be back to try them all. Cocktails are also interesting though a little pricey in comparison to the food which I thought was real value for money. And I loved the ambiance of this place, with classy decor and lighting.

This tiny hole-in-the-wall joint is supposed to be better than Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant (which claims to be the best). I much preferred the ugly but yummy XLB here as the skin was super soft and the dumpling well-filled with soup. As for the meat, not quite an apples to apples comparison as I had pork and shrimp here which, for me, was a notch tastier than the pure pork at Nanxiang. #ShanghaiEats

Using Japanese rice instead of Italian, the dish gave off the loveliest aroma of truffle the moment it was set down. With a healthy amount of mushrooms and shaved truffles, I would make a return visit just to eat this!

The shaved goose liver is served with daikon (radish) and dashi gelee (a jelly-like soup stock). As the server said, the foie gras melts in the mouth. The taste is also milder than the normal goose liver, which is great if you don't really like the intense flavour.


There's a variety of different soups such as Sup Buntot (oxtail soup) and Sup Betawi (Jakarta beef soup) pictured. And they also have sides like Siomay Bandung (siew mai) and Pergedil (cutlets) #toktokindonesiansouphouse

So thanks to a colleague for introducing me to awesome Malay food on Telok Ayer Street. Tender-soft Ayam Masak Lemak, Cucur Udang Grago, Ikan Sambal Hijau and Bergedil. #burp #burpple

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I had four different types of chicken: Ayam Goreng, Ayam Pop, Ayam Gulai and Ayam Balado! Another #burp fest 😋

We had bebek goreng, kepiting soka, flying fish and many more dishes not pictured #burp

I much prefer the one at #NeonPigeon that dish alone has been the reason I've gone again and again!