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🧀Cheese Rosti ($16) Deliciously, surprisingly crisped & fluffy, well-browned potato ‘cake’ topped with mozzarella cheese, an absolutely incredible Korean reinterpretation of a Swiss fried potata rosti dish here at @yeogi.mogo! . Serving up really affordable & appetising traditional Korean dishes with some western influence, the laid back atmosphere of the establishment gives it a very homely touch. . The Korean chef/owner cooks up a real storm like a true Korean ahjumma after his years of culinary journey with his mom. Everything here - from banchan (side dishes), sauces & soup broth are made fresh in-house daily to preserve the freshness of the ingredients and minimise wastage. Some other dishes we tried: . • Garlic Soy Chicken ($13/$18) ❤️ Finger licking good! Forget about the other branded chicken chain, the real deal is here 😆 . • Spicy Chicken Stew ($36/2pax) Comforting warm stew made with homemade gochujang sauce, great with rice and banchan anytime! . *Swipe for more photos & menu.
[Yeogi Korean Restaurant] . The Chef-Owner Chef Gim started his Authentic Korean Food Culinary Learning Journey from his Mum! Bringing their own homemade flavour to Singapore and totally R&Ding their own recipe, starting with the "BanChan" ~ Potato Salad/Fruit Salad/Kimchi. They all tasted so palatable and refreshing (totally different from the Can/Bottle you got from the market) They also make the BanChan daily to minimise wastage and freshness of the Ingredient. . Featuring some dishes that we have tried: <> Cheese Rosti ~ $16.00 Make from scratch by grating their own potato, using up to 3 potato for 1 order of Rosti! Taste by Crunchy, Smooth and not jelat even after leaving there for 20mins. <> Garlic Soy Chicken ~ $13.00/$18.00 Homemade Marination/Batter and Homemade sauce! (VOTE: will you love to DIP your own sauce or just get your own finger STICKY) <> Spicy Chicken Stew(serve up to 2pax) ~ $36.00 Though is not Instagram worthy! But the food is awesome especially the homemade gochuchang sauce!! Spicy and fragrance🌶️💣💨 most importantly the potato/carrot are all nicely done and not overcook, chicken are well cooked and marinated😋😋😋 . Be sure to try one of this dish! I am sure you will love it ❤️❤️ . Thanks @melbarooo & Chef Gim @gimmejooce for the hospitality! We looking forward to July 🤤🤤🤤
Really good Korean food! I've eaten here twice now, and have found the food to be very good. Possibly my favorite Korean food place in Singapore. The sundubu jjigae is entirely seafood based, which is rare, but makes for a very nice and savoury stock. The kimchi pancake was crisp and the portions were also very generous. The kimchi banchan is delicious, and they also sell it for $5 a box (but restricted to 2 per person). Highly recommend!
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Ayam Geprek Below: Ayam Geprek Level 12 Above: Ayam Geprek Sambal Matah I love the spiciness of these dishes! 🌶🌶🌶
Ayam Geprek Half Half ($7.80) Papa Ayam at [email protected] serves up many variations of Indonesian sambal on crispy smashed chicken. The original is made with original garlic sambal where you can request for spiciness levels from 1-15. There’s even a WTF level 27 for a spicy eating challenge - if you’re able to finish it in 5 minutes, you get the meal for free and your photo on their wall of fame. The sambal is made fresh depending on the level of spiciness that you choose, where they’ll toss in the same number of chilli padis as the level chosen and grind them right in front of you. Not wanting to suffer a stomachache, we opted for level 5 and were told it was a mild to moderate spice level. Apart from the original, there’s also the cabe ijo which is sambal made from green chillies which are less spicy. The last option is the sambal matah which is raw sambal made from onion, lemongrass, and chilli padi mixed with lime juice. For those who can’t make up their minds, there’s the half-half option with half sambal matah and half sambal original so you can try two types of sambal at one go. In true Indonesian style, you can pick either rice or Indomie to go along with the chicken. It was a no brainer for me - Indomie all the way! Since the sambal is made to order, the food takes approximately 5-10 minutes to prepare. The Indomie noodles are well-cooked, they’re springy and not soggy at all. The fried chicken is crispy and the batter isn’t too thick. Level 5 spiciness is indeed quite spicy, and although my tongue was enjoying the spicy shiokness of it all, I was worrried my stomach would start churning its complaints. I wasn’t such a fan of the sambal matah thanks to the copious amounts of raw onions, so I ended up nudging the onions to the corner and eating the chicken only. Overall for $7.80 the portion isn’t that large, but it’s good for sharing so you can try various stalls and have the best of all worlds. Special mention goes to the awesome service at Papa Ayam! I was given rice although I’d asked for Indomie, and although I said I was ok with it, the kind people at Papa Ayam cheerfully offered to swap out the rice for Indomie. This is the kind of service that makes me happy to patronise a stall and want to continue supporting them. It helps that their food is fantastic too - I’ll be back to have more of that original sambal and Indomie! *Note that Papa Ayam is halal as it’s Muslim-owned!
<🇨🇳> 不辣。非常不辣<🇬🇧> Not Spicy. At all 😃 • 🍱: Ayam Geprek Sambal Matah - S$6.80 📍: @papaayam_sg @313somerset Singapore
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Best Non-Sashimi Japanese Restaurant After learning about how they emphasized their quality of food by buying most of their ingredients from Japan, I decided to give it a try. We ordered Teriyaki Salmon Set ($18.90), Misato Ebi Donburi ($16.90), Grilled Mochi Zenzai ($7.80) & Yuzu Citrus ($5.90). The Salmon it is flaky which I never had seen this kind of texture from a cooked Salmon. It is served with rice, Japanese ginger and miso soup. Misato Ebi Donburi is topped with fish roe which you don't usually see in a Donburi. The Ebi is handmade instead of bought frozen and it compliments with egg and fish roe well. I didn't know that the dessert will only be served upon request for this restaurant. I was thinking that grilling Mochi seems like a unique concept but wouldn't be a hit but I was wrong. Grilling the Mochi is much more delicious than I thought. The Yuzu Citrus was an okay drink. Overall, I spent a total of $58.15. Given the quality for this price point, it is a very good deal. It is the best Non-Sashimi Japanese Cuisine I every had.
Cha Soba It was so nicely rolled that we didn’t bear to eat it. Soba is such a comfort food, and the Soba here is indeed served beautifully. Tasted great as well! Comfort food for all!
Seafood Hotpot ($20.80) Can’t remember the exact name of this dish... but it was the best! I would go back to eat this dish again. The broth had a nice seafood/dashi taste, salmon and prawns were fresh and the presentation was on point!
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