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Worth the Dining Experience! My first time trying Fat Belly and it tasted so good! Both my friend and I tried the Denver and Deckle cut and it came with our favourite sides! We were seated at the bar table and the view was awesome! I get to see the chefs cooking on the spot and it was quite insightful for me to see such cooking demonstrations live. We鈥檝e got the tiramisu cake to share and I swear, it tasted just as good as the one I鈥檝e tried in Italy! I would love to have one more portion but I鈥檓 so full with just the mains! Will definitely come back for their other desserts! Great dining experience!
11/10 Will Be Back Finally got to try Fat Belly after hearing so many good reviews and they did not disappoint! Came with a friend to share the Denver cut and Deckle cut steaks, along with sides of truffle fries and mushrooms. The steaks were cooked medium rare to perfection and the wagyu marbling left me wanting more despite feeling super full towards the end of the meal. The mushrooms were fragrant, fresh and buttery, while the truffle fries were nice and crisp, and tasted surprisingly light. We got the tiramisu to share as well. While I'm not a desserts person, I thoroughly enjoyed the tiramisu! Restaurant ambiance was awesome. We were seated at the bar tables and were treated to a view of the finesse and professionalism the kitchen crew exhibited as they worked through the meals (: 11/10 experience, will definitely be back (:
Great Steak I decided to try the Denver Steak (medium rare) and I was pretty impressed鈥攊t was juicy, marinated-well and had a really, really nice smoky flavour. The Charred Broccolini provided some crunch and was a good balance to the tender steak. For dessert, I had the creamy Basque Burnt Cheesecake which wasn鈥檛 too sweet and was a pleasant end to a great meal. Cosy and convenient, the restaurant is also only a few minutes away from the MRT. It was overall a satisfying experience鈥攄efinitely check this place out!
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Spicy Beef Soup, Kimchi Pork Soup ($9.90 On Fave) One of my go to places for cheap and good korean food! 馃構馃構 Though this place may not serve up the best dishes, but they consistently serve up piping hot down-to-earth no-frills korean food! The spicy beef soup came with generous slices of beef and vermicelli noodles while the kimchi pork came with pork belly slices, tofu and kimchi! 馃い馃い The winner for me is definitely the number of side dishes at this price points, and especially love the korean black beans! 馃槏馃槏 With fast service and free flow of barley tea/water, this is the perfect place for family gatherings or large group gatherings. Only downside is the ulu location, but it鈥檚 still situated pretty near town so definitely worth a try!
Spicy Fish Soup Ordered the spicy fish soup thinking the fish will be some shredded sardine kinda fish. But I was pleasantly surprised that it was some big white chunks of fleshy fish like barramundi, cod kinda fish. It had a very nice texture as it was not overly cooked. Springy n chewy. The best part of the meal is still the sides. There's potato, fishcakes, seaweed, beans n peanuts, Kimchi, sprouts, radish n some leafy vegetables. Spend $11.80 inclusive top up of $1 for drinks.
Bulgogi With Vegetables ($19+ U.P.), Beef Brisket ($22.80+ U.P.); Both On Burpplebeyond This homely Korean BBQ establishment serves ala carte (or sets of) marinated and non-marinated meat cuts that are generous in portions yet of quality you鈥檇 typically find in good, value for money kbbq buffets. Perfect for a person like me who dislikes the excessiveness of buffets. While only the meat cuts are on the Burpple deal, affordable lunch/dinner sets are available everyday which makes this place a go to destination for reasonably priced Korean food.
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馃Cheese Rosti ($16) Deliciously, surprisingly crisped & fluffy, well-browned potato 鈥榗ake鈥 topped with mozzarella cheese, an absolutely incredible Korean reinterpretation of a Swiss fried potata rosti dish here at @yeogi.mogo! . Serving up really affordable & appetising traditional Korean dishes with some western influence, the laid back atmosphere of the establishment gives it a very homely touch. . The Korean chef/owner cooks up a real storm like a true Korean ahjumma after his years of culinary journey with his mom. Everything here - from banchan (side dishes), sauces & soup broth are made fresh in-house daily to preserve the freshness of the ingredients and minimise wastage. Some other dishes we tried: . 鈥 Garlic Soy Chicken ($13/$18) 鉂わ笍 Finger licking good! Forget about the other branded chicken chain, the real deal is here 馃槅 . 鈥 Spicy Chicken Stew ($36/2pax) Comforting warm stew made with homemade gochujang sauce, great with rice and banchan anytime! . *Swipe for more photos & menu.
[Yeogi Korean Restaurant] . The Chef-Owner Chef Gim started his Authentic Korean Food Culinary Learning Journey from his Mum! Bringing their own homemade flavour to Singapore and totally R&Ding their own recipe, starting with the "BanChan" ~ Potato Salad/Fruit Salad/Kimchi. They all tasted so palatable and refreshing (totally different from the Can/Bottle you got from the market) They also make the BanChan daily to minimise wastage and freshness of the Ingredient. . Featuring some dishes that we have tried: <> Cheese Rosti ~ $16.00 Make from scratch by grating their own potato, using up to 3 potato for 1 order of Rosti! Taste by Crunchy, Smooth and not jelat even after leaving there for 20mins. <> Garlic Soy Chicken ~ $13.00/$18.00 Homemade Marination/Batter and Homemade sauce! (VOTE: will you love to DIP your own sauce or just get your own finger STICKY) <> Spicy Chicken Stew(serve up to 2pax) ~ $36.00 Though is not Instagram worthy! But the food is awesome especially the homemade gochuchang sauce!! Spicy and fragrance馃尪锔忦煉p煉 most importantly the potato/carrot are all nicely done and not overcook, chicken are well cooked and marinated馃構馃構馃構 . Be sure to try one of this dish! I am sure you will love it 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍 . Thanks @melbarooo & Chef Gim @gimmejooce for the hospitality! We looking forward to July 馃い馃い馃い
Really good Korean food! I've eaten here twice now, and have found the food to be very good. Possibly my favorite Korean food place in Singapore. The sundubu jjigae is entirely seafood based, which is rare, but makes for a very nice and savoury stock. The kimchi pancake was crisp and the portions were also very generous. The kimchi banchan is delicious, and they also sell it for $5 a box (but restricted to 2 per person). Highly recommend!
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