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A pity that this is no longer in the menu, although they were nice to accommodate our request for it as they still had the ingredients. The cereal made the pasta really tasty, and the humongous prawn was impressive!

Pretty standard cafe food, coffee is good. Avoid the steak and eggs though, the steak was tough af.

Soufflé pancakes elsewhere would all be indignant to share their name with this soggy excuse of a pancake. You can tell from the appearance that it wasn't well cooked, and true enough, it tasted like bread that's been left in liquid for an hour. Utterly gross.

Huge serving, probably can feed 2 small eaters. But my portion had too much fats and chewy parts. The meaty parts were delicious and fried to perfection. Would be great if they could offer it at a smaller portion with a more affordable price

Disappointed that cod was sold out at noon. But the halibut was pretty good too. The batter of the Masala fish and chips was very flavourful. But the batter for both was thick and got soggy towards the end. Still a good deal for Burpple 1 for 1!

Wanted to try the Gochujang chicken but didn't see it in mains hence went for the Cajun chicken with potatoes $16 (changing to fries will cost additional $3). Feel that the chicken was lightly spiced, no particular taste of Cajun, quite ordinary Western food. Should go for the cheesecake in future.

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Really worth it with the burpple beyond app! Jasmine Orient is really floral with Jasmine tea notes and a soft matcha sponge in between. Place is not crowded and good for a short dessert break! Highly recommended!

The tuna was really soft compared to the ones I had before. This weekend there is 50% off with J passport. Worth a try if around the area!

Great food with nice ambience! Worth it with Burpple beyond! The char siu is well marinated and love the apple sauce that goes with it! 💖

Discovered this fish soup yesterday & here I am today again even in the lunchtime heat! Reached around 11.30 am & there's already a queue (even yesterday around 1pm the queue is still there). Fried fish sells out early so better to go early if fried fish is preferred.
The broth is super sweet & no fishy smell (added milk). Fish soup with extra fish or mixed (incl meatball, sliced& fried fish, pork, pork liver, a ton of cabbage) cost $5 each. The fish is taste fresh & shiok when dipped in the lime chilli! Fried fish is still crunchy when I ate it even though it was in the soup. 👍 Love the new find !

Very pretty souffle pancake! Waited for around 20min at around 6pm but it was worth it! For $9.50, price is steep for 1.5 strawberry and 2 pancakes though.


Order the Mentaiko Salmon! They are quite generous on the Mentaiko portion & salmon well seared! Costs $10.90 with Mentaiko Salmon, Soba & Onsen Egg (Guess they threw in a big lettuce lead 🤭) Seem to be a healthy dish other than the Mayo~ enjoyed it a lot!