Great brunch location in city. Crowded even on Sunday! Quite big portion size. Had difficulty finishing 1 main per pax. Rather limited indoor sitting.

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Only left with Chicken wing ($3.50) and Lobster ($22) at 11.30 even though opening hours is till 1-2pm. Disappointed as we went down for the Sotong Goreng. Still like the sweet sambal & the spices on the fried chicken but the ikan bilis has more than 50% just the ikan bilis head 😖.

Pretty interesting dish, came with a generous amount of beef. Very tasty, although a bit gelat to finish it alone.


The store is having a 1 for 1 promotion till 15 Oct! We got 2 noodles to try at $15+ final bill! The dried noodles came with a small bowl of Tomato soup! I'm glad I did not order tomato soup noodles as the soup is quite thick. Its definately for tomato lovers!

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The sriracha honey chicken thigh ($17) came highly recommended, and we can see why! It comes with a 20 min wait time, but the extensive cooking sure pays off with extremely tender meat that falls off the bone easily. Very tasty even without any sauce! Would like for the mashed potatoes to have a tad more butter, but the glaze more than makes up for it in terms of flavour - sweet and punchy with just a hint of spice.

So.... they weren't joking when they said "Spicy Tomato Sauce" in this Chicken Arabiatta. First bite and I literally got blown away by the spiciness. But it's the enjoyable kind of spicy that isn't a turn off + the chicken steak was damn good too. Don't forget to try their Lavender Latte. Will be back to try the rest of the menu

Tried the Hangover burger ($22) & Armoury burger ($25) +$2 to change to truffle fries. Both were juicy and flavorful! Chill place to hang out after work!

Fresh salad vegetables with nicely seasoned beef! Love the spices and salsa! Beef though felt a bit too chewy for my liking. Great for a light lunch.

You have a choice of eating the unagi don 3 different ways, as is, with condiments and with dashi soup. They had the spicy version this time round and I like tt it creates a different taste compared to the usually sweet unagi, gives it a sweet and spicy feel! Great place when craving for Unagi don. Tip: We went at around 9pm and theres no queue. ;)

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Yums crispy Korean Fried Chicken in Toa Payoh! Easily one of the better korean fried chicken in Singapore! Its tended by a Korean (authentic!). Tried their Soy this time round. Compared to the other places, the soy sauce is very liquidy but soaks into the chicken nicely. The honey butter was nice too as I recall.

The prawn soup is legit! Not like super thick but you can smell the prawn smell from the next seat when the noodles came. The har cheong gai is tasty but it would be better if its crispy. The claypot rice crisp up nicely with the heated claypot. Overall will come back if there is short queue and I'm around the area but will not come back just for it.

A pity that this is no longer in the menu, although they were nice to accommodate our request for it as they still had the ingredients. The cereal made the pasta really tasty, and the humongous prawn was impressive!