Service and quality has deteriorated after CB. Ordered my standard mozzarella cheese egg prata but it wasn't cooked at all. Egg was all runny - the egg white was transparent and all liquid. Cheese had not melted - could still see all the individual pieces of the mozzarella cheese. Obviously the prata was neither cooked long enough nor at a high enough temperature if the cheese didn't even manage to melt.

Requested the staff to cook the prata more, but was rejected (understandable since it's during the Covid period). However, they did not try to make up for it at all. Simply returned the prata to me. Did not offer to make a new prata as replacement or refund me. Ignored me when I went up to the staff at the counter and gave more feedback.

The babyback ribs tasted good if a little dry and tough. Serving portions were huge with an extremely generous serving of salad and sweet potato fries. The chili crab pasta was great, according to my mum.

Was introduced to this coffeeshop by a friend. All the zichar dishes ordered were delicious and also very reasonably priced! I love the salted egg chicken here, it is crispy and the salted egg flavour is just right!

Repeat customer to mad for garlic! Ordered their garlic snowing pizza as usual and it never fails to disappoint! The garlic sizzling rice as well as the meat pizza was amazing too.

Their risottos here are decent, taste is good but their rice has some pretty unique consistency to it.


Came here due to burpple, but no regrets at all. Would probably come back again without burpple. Every dish was great.