Wild rice was rather new to me. Didn’t expect it to that chewy. Pretty decent dish but the serving was rather small IMO.

Huge chunks of salmon sashimi coated with the mentaiko sauce that wasn’t over rich. Along with mango chunks which added a tinge of sweetness, as well as almonds for a good crunch. The two tiny Japanese grains tasted fairly bland on it’s own.

The sinful fried chicken tender were not too tough and went perfectly with the molten cheese. Along with wedges, broccoli and cherry tomatoes, it must be healthy since there’s vegetables. 🤭

Though large in size, I could barely taste the salted egg and the batter is slightly too thick. The sauce tasted rather bland IMO. You can give this a miss.

Although the preparation takes about 20mins or so, but I promise you that it’ll be worth the wait. A generous amount of ham is encased within the juicy layer of chicken. The batter reminds me of KFC and was really addictive. Not forgetting the cheese that oozes out as you slice this treasure apart. 🧀

Pomfret was deboned and the chunks of pomfret were fresh and clean-tasting. Comes with two sides of your choice.

The sauce was overly spicy IMO, which overpowered the nicely-charred beef. Similarly, it comes with a choice of stewed cabbage or sprouts. Get really to sweat if you’re up for this.

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It had a nice balance between sweet and savouriness, which whets your appetite to have more. Along with a choice of stewed cabbage or sprouts, it’s definitely worth the bucks!

Both the Chef and other customers were staring while I devour this monster. Sandwiched between the charcoal buns were four thick juicy patties which had the thickness of a Quarter Pounder patty each. Though cooked well-done, the patties were still flavourful. The additional banana fritters and drink comes at $3. Banana fritters were kind of greasy so do take note.


Assembled with premium ingredients like salmon, unagi and tobiko which blend perfectly with one another. Their house made secret sauce was rich and creamy, with a tinge of sweetness which I suspected that mayo was part of the ingredient. The last touch of aburi added the charred flavor. This dish may be a little jelat for one, so do share! Do try out their salmon belly soup too!

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Opted for the cheese, the cutlet was light breaded with panko, resulting to a light crispy texture along with the stretchy cheese beneath. Perfect snack between the day.

There’s only one item in the entire menu, the dish turns out to be a delight. Though we were starving, the Chef patiently cooks individual portion to the perfect timing before delivering it to the next Chef for the toppings. After mixing it, the thick noodles absorbs the peppery sauces and it somewhat reminds us of the nostalgic, Bar Chor Mee. The ingredients paired perfectly and we had no problem slurping till the last bit. Do note that they serve a small bowl of Japanese rice to be mixed with the remaining sauce. 📷 @whereisthelav