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another off-the-menu dish and ofc, it was delicious. Tatsuya never disappoints ☺️

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presentation : 10/10
taste : 20/10
p.s. this was an off-the-menu dish, so feel free to request it to the waiter or waitress taking your order!

Well seasoned, but unfortunately I got a piece that was really salty!


This sweet, golden brown perfection just had the perfect amount of crunchiness and tenderness. The glaze that melted over it also had just the right amount of tanginess and sweetness. Perfecto!


The right amount of seafood filling, dough, and spring onions. Not too oily, seasoned very well and the dipping sauce was 👌🏻. Will definitely come back for their food💕

This is seriously the cutest chirashi don i’ve ever seen! Not only is it cute, it is really delicious. As expected, the sashimi in this dish is very fresh paired with the slightly sticky Japanese rice! The shrimp was very creamy and nothing smelled gamey at all!

As expected, Tatsuya never disappoints❤️

Chirashi Don (small, untorched)

So this is the Cold Brew Honey Latte from Paris Baguette (wisma atria). I really enjoy the bits of honey sweetening the drink as you sip on it. This drink usually comes with a whipping cream floating on top which makes the drink milky and smooth (i asked them to remove it that day because i was on d-i-e-t HAHAH)

Overall, i think that their cold brew honey latte is a very enjoyable and refreshing drink that can be a great companion to whatever patisserie or food you're having.


What I like best about PB's cheese tarts is that the crust is crunchy which means that in every bite, there's some sort of texture. As a comparison, Bake's cheese tarts were sort of on the softer side with no texture variety between the crust and the filling which some people might be more into! (im all about that crunch😏)
The cheese filling is also not too sweet, which is something i really appreciate😊