Despite of having what they offer in the menu, I requested the butter sugar Prata and they made it for me! The taste is good and better than some of the mamak house (eg: jln kayu). Being charged at $2 which is reasonable. The Maggie goreng is not so nice but the briyani set at $8 is good!

One of the famous Korean Grilled Restaurant rooted in SG since 2016. Was here during their first month, and now is my second visit after a year. Disappointment comes when you are craving for something good and worth, but it turns out not to be the same/similar to what you expected. The price of the meat seem ok in the menu, but when it got served, it is just a tiny portion (10 slices of meat). Okay, usually we eat with garlic, onion and of cause the sauces, but no garlic is given, you need to ask for it (and they give you small tiny one) and the sauces are way too little. Errr...never mind. One thing I can't answer to myself is that, a bbq restaurant has no tissue paper, why? The side dish kimchi is just average (only 4 types of side dishes). Oh yeah, what I know from my first visit is that they charged on the refill of steamed egg, but now they allow you to refill up to three times only! HAHA! Remember, don't over eating because of the meat is just way too little! Think I will go the other restaurant next time. Hmmm...

Burgers they have there is either charcoal or matcha! Since I never try matcha burger, then I just go with it. The bread are soft and everything comes with egg yolk is superly duperly nice. Haha! When I visited the place, it was 7pm-8pm where people done their meal, sit back and hangout with friends. The place is so confined until they laughed as per normal eventually tune up like there is invisible speaker all around, very noisy place!

This $5.90 ice cream is very well presented and become one of the most instagramable ice cream. Well, I'm here to judge the taste! Hahaha. For me the soft serve vanilla underneath it, which you can't see as it was covered by all the Oreo crunches and sauce, is not sweetened. The roasted mashmallow is nice with the combination of Oreo. I think I will going back to try the horlick one! Haha. But definitely not going to have this once more. Too fattening. Hahhaa

Did not read about how the famous chocolate factory will introduce their ice cream - logic thinking is that the ice cream are melted from their chocolate bar! Yes, the $9 chocolate ice cream is so rich that makes me feel like having the second one! Love it.

Because of having too much heavy food these days, choose to have hawker type of food as lunch today is the most regretful decision I made. Simply clear soup plus boiled mee with chilli sauce and vinegar - that's it! hahaa. i rather to have instant noodle at home then. The famous hawker should keep themselves the maintenance to ensure tourists or locals will come back for more. Disappointed.


Cold brew by old hen is famous where people do drop by and grab some to-go cold brews. It comes with several flavours which I think both in the photo are good! The panna cotta is great too. Just to be reminded, there's no main course in the coffee bar, only good for tea break (not so great for hangout with friends though, as many Super-hard-working students occupying the seats)!


Yeah. As the title said, I visited Lola's cafe unexpectedly although it was listed in my interested places list for at least 2 years! Hahaha! Glad that they are still opening. Initially thinking of getting the Claypot chicken as brunch, but they are not operating in the morning! So...who said that early bird has good meal???!! Hmmm... anyway, Lola's isn't that bad though, just that I wanted to try their dinner and dessert instead. Btw, my baileys affogato is superb! Not that pricey too.

The hawker located just right next to the lavender market, or behind the ICA building. Have a quick bite while waiting for your document to be done. The traditional lor Mee costs $4 while the cod fish fillet lor Mee costs $5! Worth a try lah, at least just one try.

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Shrove Tuesday introduced two new waffles and nyonya chendol is one of them, the other one is milo dinosaur. Very nice combination that costs only $12 which is more valuable compared to you order wAffles $5 with ice cream at $2.5/scoop! Rate 4.5/5.0

Everyone stayed in kovan or somewhere nearby will definitely know the kovan interchange serves all kind of delicacies. And today my visit to Tong Fong Fatt chicken rice stall is something that I regret to do. Look at the chicken drumstick that they served, it's just the half of it! Sigh, feeling so hungry after work and got this set of meal as dinner is really really make my bad day goes worse. Got to grab durian ice kacang next to the stall to make me happy later on.

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