Japanese, Travel, Others Japanese Cuisine - Oiiii Shiiiiii 😋 What's the first thing you think of whenever talk about Japanese food? For me will be SUSHI!! Hahahaha. Oh ya, and grilled squid. Errrmmmm...udon? Anyway, sushi is always my choice of dinner if I am getting bored with hawker stuffs.
Others, Travel, Thai Thai Food - Aroy!!! Sawadee~ When talked about Thai food, not to forget the very famous Thai rice as their main and side dishes as the supplement. And yeah, the sweet mango, yummy thai milktea, spicy salad, sour tomyum, and whatever combination of sour, salty, sweet and spicy (the 4Ss)!
Korean BBQ, Korean Fried Chicken, Korean Desserts Korean Food - Mas Sit Sso Yoo! Korean cuisine - from sweet spicy chicken wings to BBQ beef and all of their specialities! Not a fans of Korea, but never stop myself from trying out their food. 😁
Hawker/Kopitiam, Cheap & Good, Kopitiam Kopitiam - Don't Judge A KOPITIAM Get bored with the ATAS food where you spent at least $5 and above? Let's grab something from the hawkers or Kopitiam! Although it's all the same everywhere, but the taste maybe different from places to another! I should say that KOPITIAM always a place that served the best local delicacies, no doubt on my statement!
Cuti-cuti Malaysia - Neighbour's Foody Goody Two words to describe this album-Malaysia Food!
Burger, Bar, Cafe Burger! Burger! And Burger! Eating like western people where breads are the main and say hell no to the rice!
Dessert, Waffles, Cake Pancake/Waffle/Ice Cream/Coffee, All In All Small Bites After Main Courses Hunt for pancake, hop for waffle, and why ice cream? Because desserts are photogenic, that's what the hipsters think! 😘