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Is there really a need to introduce Fook Kin and their amazing roast meat platters? Given my recent addiction to Izy Fook, I popped by Roast Paradise’s other collab and was as pleased with their roast pork and char siew. It’s easy to say “oh you like Roast Paradise anyway so it’s not a surprise to enjoy Fook Kin”; but what most don’t realise is maintaining consistency, especially across multiple eateries, is so so challenging. Take that fabulous standard of quality control and the resulting succulent roast meats, it’s simply impossible not to have every meal end in sheer bliss. If you can’t down so much meat though, I’d definitely suggest giving the char siew a go. You can find lots of good roast pork around Singapore — not that that downplays how good Fook Kin’s is — but I feel it’s not as easy to find char siew done as fantastically as theirs.
Fook Kin Good! Really can’t resist it.. but it was fook kin good!! We ordered: - roast pork platter - roast duck in herbal sauce - fluffy omelette - golden lotus roots crips - two way kai lan - mee pok / mee Kia / rice My favourite was the char siew, while my friends really enjoyed the roast pork! The char siew really melts in your mouth and I just love the flavor altogether! Also, I really enjoyed my honey lemon drink! The lotus chips was great for the first few bites but take note that they turned soggy after a while. I expected more from the mee pok, but it was still alright. Suitable for big groups and gatherings :) will be back for more!
roasted paradise - Noodles Would you like to eat the same food again and again?🤔 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Every time i visit fook kin , I would go for their roasted paradise 😂This dish too good and i just want to order this again and again😆 Their char siew sweetness are well balanced, huge and crisp roster pork and their roasted duck with dang gui flavor and it also come with lava eggs 😍
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Great Affordable Homemade Pasta Staff were very friendly and helpful; they patiently explained the restaurant concept and gave recommendations. We tried the Crazy Carbonara ($15.90) that was recommended, and no regrets!! Sauce was pleasantly light for a carbonara and the pieces of smoked duck were tasty. Apparently they revamped their menu to include more sauces (pesto, tomyum etc) and I would come back again to see what other pasta types they have and to try other pasta dishes! 😍😍
Arabiatta W Paprika Fusilli Yum, there were 3 choices of pasta and i chose paprika fusilli. Not for those who love spicy though, the tomato sauce is quite sweet. Not bad for a student they have lynch set meal for $9.90 & $11.90. Homemade ice lemon tea is included and it taste like honey is in it
Seafood Pomodoro ($15.90). I'd be honest, I don't think it was good. It's decent but I don't understand the crowd they draw. - What I don't understand is their insistence on offering only "special" varieties like the lemon garlic fettuccine here instead of proper plain pasta (I asked). Sometimes less is more. - Still, credit where it's due. Pasta was cooked to al dente with a good bite (though it was not rolled thin enough and became a bit chewy). The amount of seafood given was generous. Pomodoro sauce was balanced. Not sure if that extra tick of citric zest from the pasta was needed though (the other pasta on selection would have fit even less FYI). - Not exactly authentic, and the lack of normal pasta is a jarring decision, but Tipo is still a good alternative to the many "casual" pasta places in the same price range.
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Omurice Keisuki Went to Omurice Keisuki to have dinner two nights ago☺️ Honest ratings 9/10 because i have mad cravings for omurice that day and it really satisfied my appetite😋 The egg was perfectly cooked and there are 4 different sauces to choose from. I ordered the regular omurice set with chilli tomato sauce and added a hamburg steak. Total bill was $15++ aft gst and svc charge(the omurice + hamburg is $12.90)👍🏻 There is also a complimentary salad choice and free side dish at each table (seasoned beansprouts)🤪 The only downsides of this restaurant is the small sitting area and the variety of dishes(only omurice/ pasta with 4 diff sides and 2 desserts). But i rather a restaurant focus on a specific dish but is cooked to perfection😂 Definitely would visit again👍🏻💯
Omurice + Chilli Tomato sauce The rice was fluffy and egg was creamy. Ordered extra teriyaki hamburger steak to go with the carb. Overall really value for money considering that the omurice set comes with miso soup and salad.
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Omurice Combo ($12.90) The combo comes with the omurice and a pasta (we picked mentaiko), we also added on a couple of chicken wings ($2/pc) and a pork spare rib ($3/pc) to share. Overall it was alright but nothing mind blowing. The mentaiko in the pasta was fairly muted, but had enough flavour to keep me interested. The fluffy, smooth egg was quite nice though. Chicken wings were tasty but normal and we’ll pass on the ok spare ribs if there is a next time.
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