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🥟Originating from Cantonese cooking, Wonton Noodles has long been a popular dish across Asia. The dish is commonly served with leafy vegetables, wonton dumplings, char siew and hot broth (in this case without, because it’s takeaway)⠀

🍜Like any good wonton dish, springy egg noodles and tasty wontons are a must. The wonton noodle set also comes with two type of wontons, with the dried one providing an added crunchy texture. The noodles were not too dry which made slurping the noodles very satisfying, but the sauce was a tad salty. However, for the price of only $6, this was definitely a bargain!⠀

Tamago En is the very definition of an egg paradise. Every dish contains eggs, from their all-day breakfasts, salad & sandwiches, donburi & omurice and desserts! Seriously subarashii!⠀

Their Chicken Stew Rice and Omelette comprises fragrant Japanese rice covered with a silky, delicate layer of creamy omelette made with eggs imported from Okinawa. The golden “tornado” omelette dome is then surrounded by demi-glaze sauce, tender chicken pieces and broccoli. Oishi~⠀

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We tried two of their sandwiches:⠀
🍗Crispy Fried Chicken (with black pepper sauce)⠀
🥪 Ham Cheese Sandwich (with thousand island sauce)⠀

🍞The sides of the toast were crispy while the middle remained fluffy. Best of all, you can eat this in peace without ever worrying that biting on it would hurt the roof of your mouth.⠀

🥚I was pleasantly surprised to find an omelette in each sandwich (because obviously I didn’t check the description 😅) Having eggs also meant that you’d be less likely to go hungry after.⠀

🥙Up to 4 different choices of sauce are available for customers to select from. The sauces were drizzled on the top and thank goodness the sandwiches were not doused in them. They were flavourful but not too overpowering, which complimented the sandwich very well! And if you’re as indecisive as me, fret not because they include recommendations for each sandwich!⠀

🌟Overall, I had a great experience there. If you ask me where to find good sandwiches I’d definitely recommend Butter Bean. For $6.80, you get the sandwich and a drink. Definitely value for money and kids would love it for sure!

☀️Brighten up your day with Butter Bean’s “Curry on Sunshine”! I mean seriously: crispy fried chicken thighs, steamed rice blanketed with a silky, creamy omelette accompanied by a cup of the all-familiar Singapore-style curry to give that extra spicy kick? My day could not have been any brighter.⠀

🍛You can get all this for $6.80 (ala carte) or with a beverage of your choice for only $9! Don’t say I never jio. If you’re not going, I’m gonna be planning my next visit anyway!⠀

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🌶I was a little apprehensive before trying the Ebi Fry Ramen. There was no doubt that it was going to be delicious, but seeing the chili icon beside its name sent shivers down my spine. Despite my regular spice tolerance “training”, I was still afraid that I was going to spend half the time choking from the spiciness. However, that was not the case!⠀

🍜Though it’s yellowish-red broth might say otherwise, the intensity was milder than what I was expecting. Don’t get me wrong! The heat was definitely there, but it was just the right level where it was pleasant to slurp down scoop after scoop of this wonderous tonkatsu soup that was made using Hajime’s secret Sakura Ebi paste.⠀

🍖The main star of the dish for me though, were the sweet, succulent pieces of Loin Rib Chashu marinated with their special recipe sauce. The tender meat was the result of hours of braising and charred to perfection before being added to the dish.⠀

🍤On the side there was also the super crispy Ebi Fried Prawn that went amazingly well with the creamy in-house tartar sauce! Did you know that they make tiny slits into the flesh to make sure that the prawns stay straight while being fried? That is some serious attention to detail!⠀

Flaky, buttery puff pastry encasing smooth, creamy custard and topped with a layer of fresh cream and berries which provides a refreshing sourness to tone down the sweetness of the crème pâtissière. This dessert is light, but still provides a high level satisfaction, especially when paired with their fragrant teas.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to try A4 Grade Wagyu Beef, this will definitely be within your ball park!

Right from the first bite you’d know that this is legit Wagyu beef because it’s everything you’d expect: Thick, Juicy, Buttery and has that melt in your mouth factor that we all know and love!

$16 for this kind of experience would be money well spent! Especially when you can enjoy it along the scenic Boat Quay. They also have a variety of other delicious burgers if you’re feeling adventurous!

If you’re looking for the personal food challenge, you’ve gotta give this a try!

Think Ice Kachang but with Sashimi, this giant beauty was carefully sculpted using a wide variety of cubed fresh sashimi, sweet Japanese rice and the “cherry” on top: uni and ikura! And of course you can’t have this much sashimi without having a large slab of wasabi piled on behind just out of sight. 😉⠀

How do you eat this you ask? It comes with a second bowl to make the job easier, although I felt like I was playing a food version of Jenga while trying to meticulously remove layers of it without my precious sashimi toppling onto the table. 😂⠀

And if you’re a rice lover like myself, you would never have to worry about not having enough rice in this bowl!

Oh! And be sure to book a reservation in advance because you can expect a long queue especially during peak hours! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

My type of Chirashi bowl, piled all the way with fresh sashimi cubes, cucumber, ikura and scallops! Very tasty and very affordable! I bought the large size for $19.90.

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Absolutely loved the soufflé pancakes, it was not too dry and was very fluffy. The added cream and the fresh fruits gave it a very refreshing touch. The maple syrup also went very well with the pancakes. One of the best I’ve had! Would recommend trying!


I preferred this over the brown sugar boba tiramisu. Mainly because I like a more fragrant floral flavour and the lychee on top gave a burst of sweetness to it.

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I love the soft texture of the tiramisu, definitely can taste the brown sugar. Would’ve loved a little more sponge in it. I felt that it might be slightly overpriced, but I enjoyed it overall.