Although alittle pricey, but we satisfied our tastebuds with this salted egg prata bomb, generous serving of salted egg really. Had their chilli crab in a prata bag and creamy chicken prata bomb (chicken pot pie turned Asian).

Chilling my Saturday night away with Pulled pork slider (not too bad) and the charsiew pizza (yums! would recommend this)

The bingsoo was kinda disappointing but I would raved about the dumplings. it's yummy and worth it for the price.

Back at my fav café for the best peppermint hot choc and all time fav smoked bagel sandwich.

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Yuma! Double fat and juicy portobello sandwiched by cream cheese-rich buns. And I had my fries changed to truffle. oh what a good wind me down Saturday with awesome playlist too!

Quite a good serving for the price. With extra egg, this cost $4.50. Has a wok taste, lards and a whopping generous servings of 20 hums!! oh yes I counted. Worth a try.


Their timetable is worth a try. But overall, didn't live up to my expectations. Plus point, it's cheap for a quick fix, especially for the non fussy ones.


Gotta add the chilli for it to be fantastic. Bought a small bowl (with 2spoonful of chilli and vinegar). Great!

Lovely dessert, pretty close to the authentic matcha. and for the price, it's not too shabby. good ambience.

We were lucky to skip the long queue for this ice cream. The queue can be insane at peak hours.

Our yummy looking-but-not worth-a-second-visit breakfast. looks are deceiving. NT 580 for all three and three cuppa.