I wanted very much to like this, but I felt that it’s slightly overpriced for the taste and portion. The pink ginger foam was initially refreshing, but tasted too sweet as it started to melt. However, the beef slices were tender and flavourful, even though they were kind of small.


Succulent fried chicken and free-flow deep fried batter crumbs that go so well with the aromatic and flavorful rice. Add $1 for extra chicken like I always do! #noregrets

A very much needed pick-me-up came in the form of this satisfying mazesoba. Springy ramen noodles beneath the layers of spring onions, shredded seaweed, spicy minced meat and onsen egg. Free flow garlic chips for added crunch and flavour!

πŸ’°$15 (free upsize available)
πŸ“7 North Canal Road 048820


Not one who likes to combine sweet and savoury flavours in a dish but the Honey Butter Coat fried chicken from Pizza Maru was pretty addictive. Might be slightly sweet for some, but the tender and juicy chicken would still leave you wanting more. I preferred the Garlic Soy flavour, and was surprised that it wasn’t as salty as some other establishments.

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This fairly new establishment serves really value-for-money dishes that will make you feel satisfied without burning a hole in your pocket.

At $75, this 1kg Tomahawk Steak comes with 6 side dishes! Served medium rare, this tender steak was accompanied by 4 different sauces: black pepper sauce, brown sauce, mushroom cream sauce and red wine sauce. It is recommended that you reserve the steak at least 5 hours in advance (if they have stocks), I pre-ordered mine 1 week in advance.

Other items on the menu include:
AUS Grain Fed Ribeye (250g) - $28
NZ Angus Tenderloin (250g) - $38
Grilled Chicken Chop $12
Beer Battered Fish & Chips $15
Various pasta dishes between $9-13
*No GST & service charge!

This place is owned by a very friendly and hardworking couple, my dining partner and I enjoyed our meal there and look forward to going back there for other dishes.

High Steaks
πŸ“8 Jalan Legundi #01-03
☎️ 6908 0866

The fried fish dumplings were huge, crunchy and flavourful. The hor fun gravy had a slight hint of herbal taste to it, and I liked the goji berries in the gravy. Would definitely recommend this if you are in need of some comfort food.


This dish took me by surprise because although the strips of squid were really tender, they also had a distinct smoky flavour that was very refreshing. The blended tomato salsa and cotija cheese also complemented the squid really well, making this an appetizing starter while we wait eagerly for our main dish.

Would also recommend the Jamaican Chicken with Lime Crema ($10+, not in picture). It's like the western version of tebasaki we eat at yakitori restaurants!


I've been wanting to check out Birders after seeing photos of the pretty restaurant and reading reviews about their food. The two of us ordered 10 sticks, 3 sharing plates and 2 draft beers. The bill came up to a total of $106 which we felt was really affordable. Coupled with the free flow sake that I was enjoying, I definitely had a very good dining experience there.

For the ladies who like sake, Birders offers free flow house pour sake from 630pm - 830pm on Wednesdays!

Left: Wings with Birders shichimi ($3.50), Tsukune with onsen egg and tare ($4.50).
The wings were quite alright, I felt that they could be seasoned better. The tsukune was pretty good though, and went really well with the onsen egg and tare dip. We kept the dip for several other sticks during the dinner.

Top right: The Oden ($16).
This was our favourite dish of the night. The broth was warm, slightly sweet and very comforting. The combination of foie gras and daikon was also a first for me, and I quite liked the different texture. The daikon definitely helped to make the foie gras less "jelak" for me.

Bottom left: Egg Tempura ($8)
This was pretty alright, didn't taste oily. Although I doubt that I'll order this next time.

Would definitely recommend the tsukune, oden and birders wings (not pictured here). The birders wings are a sharing plate, seasoned with black vinegar and sake. Super addictive!


Super stoked to find this delicious nasi ambeng place in the north! At $27.90 for 2 pax, this classic set (shown in picture) is cheaper than many places, yet just as delicious if not better than some "famous" ones.

I enjoyed every dish on this platter, although I felt that the rendang was a little tough for my liking. The paru was really delicious, one of the better ones I've had. Three of us shared this platter, but we had an additional serving of paru. Should be manageable for two hungry people. I'm definitely going back for their nasi ambeng, maybe this time I'll go for the deluxe set!

Lontong has always been one of my favourite breakfast food, as it brings back many fond memories of my childhood. That said, this lontong ($3.50) at the Kampong Glam cafe is really shiok! The coconut gravy was flavourful, the pieces of lontong were "soft", perfect for soaking up the lemak gravy. I also enjoy this dish because of the crunchy vegetables like cabbage and long beans.

The iced kopi here is also pretty strong!

My friend had the mee rebus and gave it two thumbs up too. Will definitely be back to try other dishes here.

This off-menu tasting platter for two ($32) is a great way to sample various appetisers at LUKA!

This special set came with prawn tempura, crab cream croquette, bite-sized hire katsu and half-sized loin katsu. It was so, so good. The kurobuta was really tender and didn't feel as oily/fatty. The crispy shredded cabbage was very refreshing and went very well with the fried items.

Saboten has always been one of my favourite tonkatsu places, because both the food and service standards have always been consistent.