Yummy simple bacon, yellow peppers, mushroom and spaghetti with mentaiko sauce, topped with nori

Not too bad, a little too much sauce but good portions of fish and rice

$120++ for the cheapest lunch set of 10 sushi. Nice ambience, sushi was good for Singapore’s standard though you could get much better ones in japan at lower cost. Worth a try on special occasions


Yummy though I still prefer the chocolate berries tart but too bad that contains alcohol

What to do with left overs? Whip up a simple spaghetti with soy sauce.

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Spaghetti with egg plant, bacon, shrooms, tomato..

Topped with a healthy dose of sprouts and shredded cabbage. Tomato sauce was made with diced tomatoes. Taste wise was ok, pasta could be a little softer


Love the oven baked puffy bread to go with the cold dips

Bought marinated pork chop from cold storage and pan fried for 7 minutes on low-medium heat on each side. Made potato salad with dijon mustard, mayonnaise and bacon and veg

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Finally got to satisfy my craving... thick and yummy on a hot pan