The price is affordable but little bit small.

Lunch set comes with salad and main dish with $18.4++

The beef is incredibly juicy and soft. Must try!

Seafood Hor Fun $10.90++ was a nice dish.

The salad was full with seafood only by $12++. You can enjoy the food in front of a panoramic view.

Steak S/W set only $12.9net served with soup. Good deal!

Bit spicier than other famous chili crabs which I liked! Affordable price less than $100!


Not bad for $15.80 ++. It would be better with hot stone.

The combination was unique and interesting. Too much for one pax...should be shared.

I liked the interior and decoration!

First time to dine in here. The $15.2rib steak meal (200g) was quite nice and affordable. It reminds me of a Japanese “family restaurant “.

It is always better with natural meat than processed one. The steak was so soft and I liked it!

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Best Hokkien Mee ever had.
It took 40 minutes but no need to stand in line.
Explore other dishes to eat with while waiting.